We’ve talked earlier about Cloche hats, so you know the story. This time lets look at historical fashion runway. It takes us back to 1949, but 50′s fashion, in this video, somehow looks like it’s 20′s, that golden age of Jazz. Woody Allen brought back 1920′s in his latest film “Magic in the moonlight“. Actually modern cinema just loves Jazz age and its style. Without getting into details, lets look at some of the best and most memorable images of Jazz Age in movies. 

Sweet and lowdown 1999

Chicago 2002

Changeling 2008


The Artist 2011

The great Gatsby 2013

Magic in the Moonlight 2014

Cloche hats looks fashionable even in our modern tales. It doesn’t matter if such hats and styles takes you back to Jazz age, you may also transfer these dull streets back to the golden age.

How about such vintage head wear for the upcoming autumn or winter?