Within two months we’ll be fighting off frost, biting winds and some snow storms. While we are most certainly concerned about global warming, it seems that we have to think about  global cooling. And each year gets colder than ever. Should we be preparing for the new ice age? With falling leaves we must think about upcoming winter. Chilly air and cloudy skies are not far away, therefor we must look at top winter jackets and coats ideas for this season. Once again I’m looking forward by looking back at 2014/2015 fall and winter fashion suggestions. But before fashion ideas, feel that upcoming winter spirit through these cozy images…

WINTER wonderland WINTER wonderland Winter wonderland

WINTER wonderland WINTER wonderland

Winter jackets and coats are every winter’s statement, but their types, models and shades, depends on high fashion advisers. Thus I’ll present you  top 9 women’s winter garments. You can start searching for winter collections in your nearest stores. Those jackets and coats will keep you warm and make you feel trendy and up to date with fashion. This season comes knocking with pastel and vibrant hues, with prints and fairy details. From classic models to geometric and shapeless silhouettes. Even if winter garments comes in several shapes and colours, it’s not that difficult to choose.  Here are the top 9 coats and jackets ideas that might help you decide. 

When weather goes bad, go for longer, larger and cozier garments. For a long time fashion advisers were keen on oversized coats and jackets models. This season is all about soft and furry fabrics, so as wrapping, blanket-like coats and jackets. On a fashion runway we gazed upon nipp-waist coats, cape coats, militaristic bomber and parka jackets.  

Wrapped coats


Gucci winter coats

We can’t imagine winter without classic coats and winter jackets. Such models are timeless. It doesn’t matter if you choose single or double breasted trench coat with a belt, bolder- patterned wool or even tailored classic, in such classic silhouette you’ll look polished and elegant, just like Kate Moss. 


Proenza Schouler oversized coats

Begin this season with oversized coats. This massive silhouette will be appropriate both for fall and winter. Only the size matter and not patterns and colours. The bigger the better. However, pastel hues and flower prints will help you to reduce this manly look. You don’t need to wear tightly fitted dresses to look and feel feminine. 


Versace fur coat

Winter jackets, sweaters and coats should be furry and luxurious. This fabric is timeless and universal. From faux fur, to real fox fur coats. This season designers went for vibrant and effective colours, hues and updated classic fur. Start wearing fur or start your search for a new fur coat. 


Collarless coat


Classic silhouettes had an update, designers got rid off collars. However, this idea is not new, it’s more of a retro. These coats and jackets comes in long and short versions.  Thus again 60′s vibe is taking over. Layer after layer, classic after classic.  Such coat looks divine, especially on apple shape body. Just remember to combine this coat with skinny jeans or leggings. 


Cape coats


We’ve already talked about D&G fairy capes. This season they will shimmer with pears and jewells. Capes can either be furry, militaristic or fairy, as long as it’s fashionable and practical. Materials of capes may vary: from leather, to brocade and tweed. So have a little faith in capes.


Duvet coat

Large, screaming trends are pretty much supersized. Just like oversized coats, duvet winter jackets and coats will be among the favorites this season. Quilted material keeps you warm and it can be as long as classic coat. It is quite feminine silhouette, not just supersized cocoon. Feel all covered up against all winds and winter odds. 


Rain coat

We’ve already talked about Wellington rain boots, how about rain coats and jackets for a change. In some regions winter means everlasting rainstorm. So be prepared for the wet season. It’s  a sportswear and military mixture that brought back 60′s. We are all dancing in the rain. It is a timeless rain classic, besides, waterproof material looks perfect in duvet, parka or plastic. If you want to avoid seasonal depression, boost your rainy outfit with cheerful colours. 


Bomber jacket

If we are talking about waterproof fabrics, we have to look at bomber and parka winter jackets.  Militaristic themes and silhouettes seems to be trendy this season. Feel comfy and sporty, either in rain or snow storm. Luxurious-sporty look is perfect for street fashion. Experimentation with militaristic concept is highly appreciated this year, therefore bomber jackets will look vibrant, detailed and bolder than ever before. Just pair your jacket with leggings and trainers. 


parka jacket

Last but not least, the parka jacket/coat. A modern and fashionable update of another militaristic garment. If winter is not that stormy and frosty, parka jacket will be enough. It’s a perfect comfy fall/winter outfit. Besides militaristic green, go for fashionable caramel shade that goes perfectly with furry linings. Some designers even offered plum, indigo blue, red and emerald colours. So there are some alternatives for the old and boring olive-green parka. So put on your new jacket and pair it with black boots, long scarfs, leggings and a sporty t-shirt. Such combination with a dress, instead of t-shirts and leggings, will look sublime.