The headscarf is the one accessory that never had really gone out of fashion. Scarf wrapped on head can be a lovely vintage detail to compliment any women’s outfit. It’s so fashionable and convenient! They can make you feel glamorous and sophisticated. Many designers use scarves as a finishing touch to an outfit.

I always notice many scarves everywhere…from highly known designers’ stores to local table market in streets.  Once I see women wearing it I always wonder how to tie it. I find out 3 ways to wear it. I can now reveal a secret how to tie your headscarf for glamorous look.


If you like hair bun style you also will love this low bun wrap.

Photo Credit: scarf gag me via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: scarf gag me via Compfight cc

Start with tying your hair into ponytail. Simply take an elastic band, grab your hair and tie it tight. The position of your elastic band will determine where your scarf bun will be. I like to have it low, just above my neck. Fold square scarf by its diagonal into a triangle. Place the longest edge of triangle at your hairline or a bit more above. Make sure to place it by centre. Bring edges of triangle tightly around to back of head and tie it under ponytail. Twist ponytail and tied ends so that a scarf would cover all hair. Now wrap it around into a tight bun. You can hide edges of hair or headscarf under bun.

That’s it! You have glamorous low bun wrap.


If you watch old movies or rock’n’roll dances with admiration, you will definitely love a rockabilly headband.

Photo Credit: via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: via Compfight cc

For this skittish look you’ll need a colourful bandanna (square scarf). If it’s dotted, it’s even better! Your lovely rockabilly style is guaranteed. For this you’ll need to fold a bandanna into wide strip. You can do it easily by folding your bandanna into triangle as I told before and then folding the longest edge several times. However, I find that this way it’s more likely that your headband will slip off your hair during rush. So it’s better to take a corner of triangle and fold it to the centre of the headscarf. Then fold 1 or 2 more times until it wraps into perfect wide strip. Put it under your hair at the back and wrap the strip around your head along hairline. Tie the ends on top of your head.

You probably will need two knots to secure it. You can leave the ends loose or you can tuck them

under. The knot looks nice tied slightly to one side rather than in the centre of your head.


If you want to stick to the latest fashion you can try to wear a headscarf covering whole head. Don’t be afraid of looking like an old women, there’s one subtle difference that changes everything.

Photo Credit: scarf gag me via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: scarf gag me via Compfight cc

Just don’t tie a scarf directly under the chin. Tie it to the side or wrap large ends around your neck and you will look adorable. If you have a large scarf fold it into triangle, place the center of the longest edge just above your forehead, cross the ends under the chin and bring it to the back where you can tie it. Don’t make it too tight, it should look loose. Add sunglasses and you will look like a Hollywood star.

Just with one headscarf you can create many different glamorous outfits.