Hat care is an essential thing if you want to have a fine looking and lovely hat for a long time. There are many ways to prolong the life of your favorite hat. If you follow these 5 hat care advices your hat will for sure have a long and happy life!

1. Hat care doesn’t get along with soils


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Do not ever touch the hat with dirty or oily hand. Think about cleanness of your gloves too, because when you are outside mostly you touch your hat with gloves.

2. Wash it regularly

Wash your hat with warm, but not hot water.

3. Maintaining the proper shape

To maintain the proper shape always pick up the hat with both hands, holding on both sides of the hat. It will be easier to keep the hat in its right shape by putting in on the hat stand than crushing it

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in drawer. Hat stand can be a great detail decorating the entryway and at the same time a perfect place for hat to rest until you’ll need it.

Particular hat care is needed for hats with visors and snap brims. You should avoid putting such hats on flat surfaces. To preserve the visor or brim from damage, the lower front of the brim should hang over the edge of any surface it is resting on.

4. Extra hat care for straw hats is needed

It is very delicate and fragile hat. If you want it to last you have to take a proper care of it. Never handle a straw hat by its crown it will damage and dent in the crown. It’s better to handle the hat by its brim, because it’s much easier to clean and much less likely to break the hat due to the fact that brim is more flexible.

If you bought a hat packed in a box, be sure to store the hat in it. Hat care is much simpler in cold season when you don’t need a straw hat. During winter put the box deeper in the closet. Don’t let the dust get to it. If you don’t have a box, store it away from direct sunlight. Sun can affect color changes of the straw.


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5. How to repair misshaped hat

Hat’s care is really important, but what to do when the hat is already misshaped or just not quite where you want it?

Use a tea kettle to fix the brim of the hat. Boil the water and hold your hat above the steam, but not too long. Try to shape it with your hand. If you need to fix the crown of the hat, just repeat the first step: hold it above the kettle and then put it on some round object. It can be a small ball, a pot or you can just put it on your head and try to shape it while looking in the mirror. This way you can easily fix your misshaped straw hat or any other stiff hat.

With proper hat care a quality hat will remain beautiful and be a source of pride on any head for years to come.