Seems that winter wonderland is not far away. In only two months we’ll be celebrating those days of snow. We will cover up in blankets, we will drink hot chocolate with a hint of hazel nuts and mint. In only two months the silly season of Christmas shopping will begin. Besides “Black Friday”, we might get crazy about those winter wedding ideas. Thus, to put things in perspective, I offer you 10 warm ideas for your winter of love, or a decade of vows.

Winter wedding

It fascinates me, how winter wedding and engagement photo-shoots could be so heart-warming and cozy. If you think that paper snowflakes and pinecones are the only true wedding motifs of winter, just look at some seasonal wedding advises. We already gave you some ideas about fall wedding, now is the time for snow bliss. It’s still possible to create once in a lifetime snowy wedding story. It’s beginning to look a like….

Winter love story  

1. Winter wonderland Colors

How should your winter wedding color choices look? Some people believes that red and green shades and hues goes perfectly with white snow and icy frost. However, you shouldn’t overdo yourself. Overdosing red and green,  turns your weeding into another Christmas dinner with family. The perfect winter palette or conception: “less is more”. Combination of white and silver is always a safe choice. If you are all about glamour, these shades and crystal imitations will make you feel at piece with your choices. Satin and velvet fabrics in perfectly chosen colors will add a bit more glam and luxury. Ribbons, aisle runners and wedding altar decorated in elegant curtains and phalaenopsis orchids. This is an ideal color and fabric decision for indoor ceremony, but if you are exchanging vows outdoor, all you need are lights (avoid Christmas lightning mistakes) and some nature hues. If you want coziness outside, prepare heartwarming table with winter delights, hot chocolate, hot coffee, cacao and marshmallows.

Wedding aisleHot cholocate 


2.Frosty Flowers

Winter wedding bride must have a proper wedding bouquet, just like the ceremony of vows and celebrations. Red roses, amaryllis and calla lilies are thought to be the most”frosty” flowers of winter. However, step outside this box of flowers. It seems that flowers bloom in all shades during winter.  How about some fuller flowers, white hydrangeas and some ranunculuses.  If all white and no green makes you a dull bride, find some colorful accents. And finish up your bouquet with a velvet ribbon. 

flowers wedding flowers

3. Cozy invitations

Wedding invitations are a must, if your ceremony is held both indoors and outdoors. Ballroom receptions needs those formal invitations, while for an intimate ceremony a cozy invite is enough. If you already have a ceremony theme, try to capture it through  your invitations. Navy blue, chocolate-brown and eggplant colors looks both cozy and formal. Never forget to use calligraphy or winter themed topography. However, your wedding invitation shouldn’t look like a Christmas or New Years Eve celebrations. For more formal celebration invitations, go for scripted ink and Plexiglas, put your sturdy invites in silver envelopes and… press send.

Wedding invitations

4. Centerpieces

Wedding table

Every winter wedding reception should have its centerpieces. Be original and choose something beyond candles and vases of flowers. If you have a specific theme, give a little drama and sparkle to your celebration. The centerpiece should depend on the outdoors or indoors choices. So what to put on your reception table? You can either fill vases with tall white branches decorated with crystals, or surround frosted china with roman candles.  

5. Cards for Escort

Escort cards

Escort cards is another big formal wedding must. Choosing weeding guests and where to seat them, is as important as choosing your future Mr. or Mrs. If you want to avoid “Four weddings and a funeral” scenario, prepare your escort cards and seats wisely. Choosing the type of cards is like a game. You can spell your seasonal wedding with these cards quite clearly. For instance you can hang them with Christmas toys, crystals and ribbons.  Hand-calligraphed  cards looks cozy and intimate. Crystal candelabra centerpiece will do the job, it will look like and escort tree.

6. The music of love and laughter

Wedding dance

Choosing the first newlyweds dance song is  a difficult task, so as choosing music for the celebration. The safest choice is a classic pianist playing the entire evening. Such music creates elegant and magical atmosphere. However, every couple have their own musical preferences. It’s better to twist a tune from time to time. You might hire a Capella quartet  for a background music. Maybe you fancy some jazz, or rock & roll, hire such musician that makes your day extraordinary. If you want some chilly winter sounds, ask for Vivaldi’s “Winter” symphony. 

7. The hours of cocktails


Is it time for the cocktail hour, and hour of warm and comforting beverages? Beside wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks, offer hot chocolate, warm apple cider to your guests.  Of course you can go for the element of surprise during your reception. Eggnog, hot chocolate, punch served in extra small cups and glasses. You can offer these drinks even before the ceremony. I’ve already mentioned that hot chocolate table is a brilliant idea for an outdoor weeding. As for the evening, offer saketinis, Japanese rice wine. 

8. Winter wedding cake

Wedding cake

It’s not a proper reception without a wedding cake. It’s possible to reflect winter themes in so many creative ways, so a cake trimmed in green or red ribbons and topped off with an artificial baked rose is not the only option. What is the alternative: vintage style cakes in white, silver powder, with few backed accents and crystal drops. Of course there is always an option to choose cupcakes instead of a massive white cakes. Baked winter goods are a sacred tradition. 

9. What’s your flavor?

Winter food

Tell me what’s your flavor and favor? If you want to have a perfect wedding reception dinner, you should know your guest and their food favors. But it’s not just about the main meal course, as it is more about those sweet treats. Instead of truffles and cookies, go for cranberry chocolate and roasted chestnuts. There should be a special chocolate station for those sweet tooth guests. 

10. Newlyweds lying on the moon

Honey moon


The finishing touches to your winter wedding celebrations. When the celebration fuss is all over, it’s time for the Honeymoon. Just picture your perfect honeymoon scenario. Would you like to go skying or sunbathing? It’s quite an often choice to exchange winter bliss into warmer climates.  However, you can still escape to another snowy and cozy places, like Aspen or Lake Placid. Skiing, dining, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling under blankets. Thus newlyweds are lying on their snowy moon…

…and so they lived happily ever after…

Happily ever after