When summer comes and the weather is getting worm and sunny everybody knows it is high time for a straw hat. It always looks amazing with long skirts and dresses. One hat is not equal to another there are many different styles, shapes and styles of straw hats you can find.  No matter which one you will choose it is like a last straw for a perfect summer look.

Photo Credit: Pieter Musterd via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Pieter Musterd via Compfight cc


1.Tie a thin ribbon in a neat bow around the head of the straw hat for a feminine touch. Use the hot glue to keep the ribbon in place if it is slipping.

summer hat

Photo Credit: Seoul Korea via Compfight cc

 2.Tie a scarf in a knot around the head of the straw hat. Let the ends hang down for a more casual look. The scarf should stay in place on its own.

3.Attach feathers or silk flowers to the hat with the hot glue gun. Keep them in a bunch on only one side of the hat to avoid it looking tacky.

 4.Use the hot glue gun to attach buttons to your hat, either in one row around the head

Photo Credit: vsroses.com via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: vsroses.com via Compfight cc

of the hat or in a pattern on the brim of the hat.

 5.Attach a brooch or brooches to the straw hat by their pins. Keep them in a cluster on one side of the hat or on the back for a chic style.

 6.Wrap a colorful string of beads (or more than one, if you wish) around the head of the straw hat, and secure in place with the hot glue if it is slipping. Tie the string off or glue the ends down.

Have fun!


On the other hand, despite the style they all have something in common all of them are woven using some form of plant fiber. Many of these hats are formed in a similar way to felt hats; they are softened by steam or by submersion in hot water, and then formed by hand or over a hat block.  Straw hats are commonly divided by the shapes such as boater hat or Panama hat.

Summer hat

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Boater hat straw hat

It is a kind of man’s formal summer hat. For me it always reminds Venice and the gondolier wearing. The boater is a fairly formal hat, equivalent in formality to the Homburg, and so is correctly worn either in its original setting with a blazer, or in the same situations as a Homburg, such as a smart lounge suit, or with black tie.

Nowadays however you can also find a lot of women wearing this boat straw hats as well decorating them with flowers, ribbons or scarfs and giving them a more famine and romantic look. The other type could be Asian conical hat also known as rice hat.

Panama straw hat

Another ‘classic’ straw hats types is Panama shape. Even though this shape nowadays is made from various fabrics it was first made from palm leaves. Many explanations have been offered for the misnomer “Panama hat.”

Some sources claim the hat earned its name because it was exported to North America via Central America, and the first country entered in Central America is Panama. Others credit prospectors during the Gold Rush who bought the hats in Panama on their way back from California.

Still others believe the name came about because workers constructing the Panama Canal used the hats to protect themselves from the sun. However, everyone agrees that Ecuador was and still is the main supplier of these handmade straw hats.

summer hat

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However nowadays you can find almost any type of style just made from straws. In the last year the trendiest type of straw hats probably was those ‘floopy’ hats with super wide brim.

When the summer comes in the shops you can find that Wintry felt and fabric fedoras, porkpies and bowler hats have been replaced with summery straw versions and in the end it is all about you fantasy with what and how to wear it.

Straw hat is a must in the summer thing so find the shape and size that best fits your style!