From storing fur to fur cleaning. We’ve already shared with you some fur maintaining tips, but it’s never too much care only too little. Even if storage facilities provide you with climate-control and summer storage, you must know how to take care of your fur and how to clean it. Actually how professionals take care of your fur garment.  So if professional furrier knows these things, you should also get acquainted  with a proper fur care.

First of all your fur coat must be examined before cleaning and repairing process. If there are any loose linings, they must be sewed and worn out fastening replaced. Fur cleaning is not just combing and brushing off dirt, it takes time to properly clean and prepare fur coat for winter. Fur garments should be conditioned during cleaning and repairing process.  During this conditioning period dirt and destructive pollutants should be removed. Coats real-leather side must be oiled. Conditioning will not change fur, discolour or shrink it. After conditioning, fur must be glazed. It restores sheen and lustre. From this moment your fur garment will look like new, it will feel softer and look shinier. 

*Additional fur cleaning tips ( reminder)

  1. During hot weather fur coats must be stored with furriers not with dry cleaners.
  2. Only furriers provide you with accurate condition: temperature, humidity and light-control
  3. Annual fur cleaning is necessary if you want to sport your best fur coat during winter.  
  4. Dry cleaning is not an option. 
  5. Home fur cleaning is not recommended.
  6. Trust professional fur care.
  7. You shouldn’t use mothproof sprays. 
  8. Bright spaces are not suitable for newly cleaned fur.
  9. By oxidization fur colour fades.
  10. In a closet there must be plenty of space for the coat, and it must be hanged only on broad-shouldered hanger.  
  11. Never use plastic bags and containers for fur storage.
  12. Air circulation  is necessary for proper care and maintenance.
  13. Wet fur should dry naturally, but in well-ventilated conditions.
  14. Fur must be kept away from direct heat like fire, radiator and etc.
  15. Leather must be oiled. 
  16. Before fur dries out shake it,  so as after the drying.
  17. Combing and brushing wet fur is not recommended. 
  18. Avoid perfume, jewelry , shoulder straps and any items and substances that might damage the fabric.
  19. Professional furrier will take care of your best and the most luxurious fur. 

Caring for you fur is like caring for your heath. Fur fabric is organic, so it reacts to unpleasant conditions. If you want to prolong its lifespan and keep this fur coat forever, take advise from professional furriers.