Genuine fur is eco-friendly and biodegradable, however if fur is not representative anymore, don’t throw it away straight away. There are some ways to make old fur garment useful. You know that out of fur pelts furriers are making interior decorations, pillows and throws. It is even possible to resell a genuine fur as vintage. So it is possible to remodel your fur coat, “pimp” it up and sell it in a vintage fair. Because today we are crazy about fur so as about vintage fashion.

Remodel your fur coat instead of “fur recycling”


You must know that buying fur coat, is a lifelong investment. In the old days mothers and grandmothers, left their fur garments as an inheritance. It doesn’t matter if a coat is entirely new  or second had, today women buy retro fur coats as antiquity. The saying that it gets better with time, like wine, is not entirely true. Even if some coats lasts for decades and decades, there might be some cheep and fake fur couture. Or maybe you forgot the proper way of caring. However, fur is green, but fashion changes almost every day.  If you don’t want to throw away your perfect coat with so many stories, you can remodel it. Just like daughter can remodel her mothers wedding dress, so that it could fit to the updated fashion trends. Some furriers might even offer redesign services, not just cleaning and storing. 

You have to pimp my coat 

It is a growing practice redesigning and remodeling your fur garment. Still fur recycling is an option, but it’s more interesting to see your old garment in a new light. Furriers and designers just love this practice. It is an eco-friendly concept that gives an old coat a new life. It’s beneficial for costumers so as for designers. Today there is even a possibility to attend PMC competitions. Designers can show their skills and visions by remodeling old worn out coats.  We are passionate about vintage, why not go crazy for remodeling old fur? 

Vintage furs 

Even if the competition of remodeling old furs is still at its rise, vintage trend have been here for at least a decade. Have you noticed the huge revival in the sales of vintage clothes and good. It has a great spiritual so as price value.  Fur  is considerate to be vintage. If you want to recreate that nostalgic retro look, just like your grandmother used to look, grab you purse and visit the nearest Vintage market. If you buy vintage, you are trying on several styles. It helps you to choose what fits you best without spending a lot of money. 

Never forget that recycling fur can be changed into remodeling and redesigning. But most of all, always take a proper care of your luxurious, lifelong investment.