Street fashion- struting in chelsea boots

Street fashion- struting in chelsea boots

You’ve already took Wellington boots lesson, now is the time for Chelsea Boots. What are they, how do they look and can we sense a comeback of this rock&roll statement? Have you noticed, girls began to wear masculine shoes? They put those uncomfortable high-heels back in the cupboards and began strutting through the catwalk in manly shoes.  

The history of Chelsea boots 

These boots have another name, Dealer boots. Just like riding boots, they were created for horseback riding. These shoes are actually unisex and they always were. The thirst time ever anyone put these tight fighting,  ankle-high shoes, was during Victorian era. During those days these boots were known as paddocks or even jodhpur boots. Doesn’t sound familiar at all?  They were easy to pull on and pull off, because of the heel tab at the back and the elastic on the side.


Chelsea boots were made in 1851 and it was possible because of Charles Goodyear’s vulcanized rubber invention. J.Sparkes-Hall Victorian bootmaker, used this invention. Even Queen Victoria walked in these rubber shoes. How about that? It was a strong and valuable footwear. However, the name of Chelsea came only in the middle of 20th century together with rock&roll. ‘Chelsea Set’, a group of British artists, film directors, musicians and fashion designers found themselves in the King’s Road area in the west of London. Chelsea was a synonymous in the eyes of media. Chelsea was  a new way of living and a new way of dressing. That is when paddock boots gained the name of Chelsea.

All you need is Chelsea boots and The Beatles songs 

Icon artist and famous 60′s rock&rollers The Beatles made these shoes icon.  60′s ‘beat generation’ adored these boots just like they adored The Beatles.  Do you still remember their classic outfits: round-collared suits and Chelsea-Beatles boots. However, Beatles boots are made from skinnier type of rubber. They are pointy, tight fitting, slim with a large Cuban-type heel and a taper.  They can either have  elastic or zipped side. A center seam runs from ankle to toe.

The story of The Beatles boots 

We are back in 1961.  John Lennon and Paul McCartney goes to Anello & Davide footwear shop, which is situated on Charming Cross Road. They tried Chelsea boots on and decided to order a pair, but with additional Cuban heels. Such footwear will complete their new image. They been developing this image after tour in Hamburg.


beatle-Chelsea-boots ©LIFE

The footwear company that made those famous Beatles boots, originally named them ‘Baba boot’. In 1962 with the arrival of new shoes  the image of The Beatles band was complete.

*Another interesting fact, Chelsea boots were worn by the stormtroopers of the Empire in the first three Star Wars franchise films. 


Stormtrooper boots

Stormtrooper boots

Is there a brand building 

There is actually no specific label today that claims Chelsea boots style. In 60s  Chelsea was more of a synonym for beatnik generation, rather than a brand. However, this mod subculture inspired generations.  In 2013 Burberry models walked through the catwalk of AW 13 fashion week in Chelsea footwear. So these type of unisex boots were and still are quite trendy in the eyes of high fashion. Besides Burberry, Saint Lauren was also fascinated with Chelsea footwear.  Just remember Pete Doherty look on a good day,  slim black jeans and a black hat. So if someone asks you if Chelsea footwear is a brand, don’t get confused, it’s more of a state of mind rather than a label.

Chelsea boots lookbook 

These type of boots have a versatile silhouette,  so it fits any type of outfit, jeans, dress, skirt or even a suit.  If you want to feel that beatnik spirit, how about those Beatles shoes? They are quite democratic, so you can create your unique image just by rocking&rolling in these shoes.  If word timeless should be avoided in fashion industry, this does not apply to Chelsea shoes.

Just look at these brilliant modern outfits and beatnik combinations:

Chalsea boots in style 5 Chalsea boots in style 6 Chalsea boots in style 7 Chalsea boots in style. Victoria Beckham Chalsea boots in  masculine style Chalsea boots in style Chalsea boots in style 2 Chalsea boots in style 3 Chalsea boots in style 4