Is it the end of October already? Do you feel that the Christmas spirit is coming back into town? Once again we’ll have to struggle with gifts and decorations ideas. Every year we are waiting for that Christmas miracle, but waiting is not enough, we have to prepare for this celebration. So grab your Christmas wishes book, maps and go through this Christmas Market Of Ideas.  If Coca-Cola is #sharingthegood, why can’t you?


Christmas Market in Frankfurt

Christmas market in Prague

Christmas Market in Prague

Even if Christmas market idea come from Europe, the silly season and the 12 days of Christmas are important part of the American dream. From decorations, gifts wrapping to the kiss under the mistletoe.  But before heading to the market of 2014-2015 Christmas ideas, lets look at the old history of these markets in Europe. 

American ChristmasKiss under the mistletoe Christmas decorations

Christmas market is all about stalls and attractions. It’s all about the idea of giving and sharing joy.  How and when this idea of marketed joy started? Germany is and was the biggest attraction spot for Christmas marketers. Therefore, you may find alternative German names for this silly season entertainment. In simplest terms, it is a street market, or a pre-celebration and preparation for event of the year. During the fours weeks of Advent people visit these markets in order to get inspired. If you miss that old Christmas spirit, just visit one of these markets. The sound, smell and sight will inspire you. 

Magdeburg Christmas Market

Magdeburg Christmas Market

The birth of Christmas market, or the idea of it originated in Germany, North Italy, France, South Tyrol and Austria. This pre-celebration reached the entire, Christian world. Even warmer regions have their markets before Christmas, even if they don’t have snow. However, the history of these markets takes us back to the Late Middle Ages. This was the time when German-speaking parts of Europe, so as the former Holy Roman Empire ( France and Switzerland)  held their first markets before Christmas. And it’s definitely not a “nightmare before Christmas”. So the tradition is quite old, and it was saved and transferred to our modern days. The very first market dates back to 1294 Vienna. 

Vienna Christmas Market

Vienna Christmas Market

Advent is sacred for Christians, but it’s also a time for inspirations, preparations and joy.  During these markets, people sell food, drinks and hand-made gifts. Craftsmanship is a vital part of this traditional market. People sing and dance, they share joy with others. If you want to get inspired within 4 weeks of Advent, look for the nearest markets in your country. Or maybe it would be exiting to visit a foreign one? How about that? 

Boston Christmas Market

So I urge you to stay for the possibility, embrace Christmas spirit, because some moments come once in a life time. Of course, there will be another Christmas market next year, but why not get inspired this season. Canadians and Americans have their own markets of Christmas ideas. Just look through the map of  North American Christmas hot spots: 

Your Christmas gifts wishlist will be completed in these marry hot spots. So how does it feel to share that spirit with your loved ones? 

Wishes for Christmas