Probably one of the most universal hats’ is fedora hat, also by most people known as ‘Michael Jackson’ hat. It was first designed for men in the 19th century.  Nowadays many different types of fedora hats and you can find something for yourself even if you are not the biggest fan of Michael Jackson. It is now worn by both men and women and best of all, it can be worn with everything! Later on I will show you some examples of different styles that you can create with a fedora hat. Moreover, when the cold weather is gone you can replace it with fedora style straw hat.



Photo Credit: paulos.tran via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: paulos.tran via Compfight cc

Felt fedoras are the great accessories for women that want to spice their business attire. Even if you will wear something very simple like classical style white skirt, jacket and trousers (or even skinny dark jeans) Fedora hat will make you look classy.


Copy a men’s business look by wearing a black or gray women’s pantsuit, collared shirt beneath the jacket and pair of closed-toe high heels. Match it with the dark wool or twill fedora with a black or grey band.

Photo Credit: ThroughTamsEyes via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ThroughTamsEyes via Compfight cc


Combine modern and vintage styles by choosing a gray pinstripe women’s suit. Opt for a suit with a matching knee-length skirt instead of dress slacks. Wear a white collared shirt beneath the jacket. Complete the look with black peep-toe heels and a black or gray pinstripe fedora.


Pair a fitted patterned blouse with a black or brown knee-length pencil skirt. Feel free to have fun with the material and color of your shirt. Wear a pair of closed-toe

heels and keep any jewelry you wear elegant and simple. Top it all off with a black or dark brown fedora, depending on whichever color looks best with your outfit. Choose a fedora with a band that works with the pattern and color of your blouse.


If you prefer a classic, casual style, you can match your fedora hat with other trendy clothes creating city chic look.


You can team it with long tunic shirt and skinny jeans or leggings. You can add some shimmer with dangle or big hoop earrings or a shiny bracelet. If you chose big hoop earrings you can also put on some thin metal bangle bracelets to create a

style loved by Alicia Keys.


If you want sunny look you can wear a white or pastel colored tank top, light denim jeans or shorts, a pair of sandals and a lovely straw fedora. This is very casual and comfortable outfit perfect for sunny days. This look is loved by Rihanna and Cameron Diaz.

Photo Credit: Starr Crow via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Starr Crow via Compfight cc



Wear your fedora with a stylish black dress. Choose a dress that comes down to your knee. Wear silver jewelry and a pair of high-heeled

boots. Carry a black or silver clutch handbag, and wear a black fedora with a glossy satin or silk band.


Choose a 1920′s flapper style dress and pair it with some peep-toed heels that match the color of your dress. Add on some pearl, mock-pearl, or round beaded jewelry. Complete the look with a twill fedora that coordinates with the color of your dress. It would be good to look for a fedora with a large flower on the side.


Pair a straight-legged dress trouser with a nice blouse frilly feminine blouse or a sleek silk blouse. Wear a pair of stiletto heels and accessorize with bright, noticeable costume jewelry. Wear a black or dark brown fedora, and choose one with a decorative, glossy band.


The fedora is a traditionally formal hat, but with a few adjustments, it can be made suitable many different occasions.


You can wear a jacket, waist or simply long-sleeve collared shirt. Complete the look by throwing on a black fedora with a black band.


Pair graphic t-shirt, jeans and throw on some sneakers or sandals. Class it up by throwing on a nice suit jacket and a fedora straw hat with some funky band.


  • Plan before buying where you will wear it

Even though it is universal hat there are different types and not all styles will match for all occasions. So, decide before going shopping where you plan to wear it.

  • It should fit

The hat should fit snug, but not so snug that it leaves a red mark on your skin. A properly fit hat should also rest a finger’s width above your eyebrows and ears.