Is there any difference between 1956′s and 2014  raincoats for women in high fashion? In 1952 Hollywood was singing and dancing in the rain. It might have inspired 1956′s fashion trends, but who inspired British designers in 2014? Raincoats are the rainy days essential, especially in  UK. Even coffee here is served with a hint of rain. So lets talk about rainy fashion and damp weather. We’ve already looked at the highlights of Hunters wellington boots in this years London’s fashion week, now is the time to talk about raincoats and trench coats. 

Humphrey Bogart in a trench coat

Is there any difference between raincoats for women and “trenches”? It has been said, that the trench coat is the utilitarian role must, which still helps you to keep that mystical pose. Originally these coats were designed for British army by Burberry and Aquascutum. However, today it is women’s fashionable outer weapon. We have to be thankful to Thomas Burberry who  modernized raincoats.  It was in the early 20th century, when he designed a new, water-resistant and breathable fabric, it’s called gabardine.  Actually trenches are just another type of raincoats. They look more presentable then waterproof raincoats. Why? “Trenches”  are full cut, double-breasted coats with a belt. It has a buttoned yoke over the left shoulder in the back and a buttoned flap over the right shoulder in the front.The original trench coat also had a D ring for army equipment. So it’s not surprising that men used to wear them.

brigitte bardot in a trench coat

brigitte bardot in a trench coat

Even if modern “trenches” have an identical style, the fabric may vary. It may contain polyester. Even if such raincoats look ideal and Bogart’y on British gentlemen, their ladies look stylish as well. Actually in 1940′s suspense movies  trench coat was an item of of glamour and thrill. Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Sofia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and etc, wore raincoats and looked stunning. Maybe the golden era of cinema was responsible for this popularity of raincoats for women? Even Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge favors raincoats and trench coats.

Anna Wintour and Stella Mccartney

Anna Wintour and Stella Mccartney 2014 London’s fashion week

As if quirky and wet weather ever leaves Britain. Hunters wellington boots rocked the catwalk at this years London fashion week. Such footwear wouldn’t look complete without raincoats for women. As the rain kept on pouring, ladies put on those printed raincoats and golden age cinema’s trench coats. As models splashed their way down the catwalk, the audience admired wellies and those printed raincoats.  U.S Vogue editor Anna Wintour and British fashion designer Stella McCartney (wife of Alasdhair Willis, the creative director of Hunters) was among the audience.

It’s not all about Hunters wellington boots anymore, if you want to look stylish on a rainy day, put on a trench coat or rock that raincoat look. Hunters made a transition, they reached the high fashion audience, thus raincoats for women are not casual anymore.

Let’s look at some of  suggestions that might change your opinion about a damp weather: