Philip Treacy (1991) ©VogueWe’ve already talked about fascinators, Royal Ascot head-wear. We’ve been searching for the best designer hat, but in order to find it, we have to look  at the best head-wear designers. This time we gonna learn something about Philip Treacy (@PhilipTreacy1), 47 year-old Irish Royal milliner.

©Philip Treacy hats at Royal wedding 2011

It’s been 3 years since The Royal Weeding. Everyone have already talked about the best designer hat and the best Royal Milliner. Philip Treacy managed to create 36 different hats for the Royal Weeding, it includes the infamous fascinators of Princess Beatrice, Victoria Beckham and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. As a high fashion milliner Treacy was and still is extravagant, crazy and unexpected. For about a decade he’s been creating hats for Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel Haute Couture, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Valentino and Rifat Ozbek.  His sculptural hats appeared on the silver screen and international pop music stage. He created hats for Harry Potter films. Treacy is the favorite milliner of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Elizabeth Hurley and Naomi Campbell.

Treacy’s muse was the late editor of Tatler magazine, Isabella Blow. Since 1989 he’s been creating sculptured hats for her. That is how he gained his recognition. His first workshop was held in Isabella’s basement in her house situated on Elizabeth Street in Belgravia. She was and still is his muse, even if Blow’s personal story was tragic and sad…

Treacy and Blow Isabella Blow, ©Vanity Fair, May 1, 2003

Isabella Blow and Philip Treacy

The best designer hat or Treacy’s state of style

Philip Treacy is know for his highly sculptured, extravagant and artistic even surrealistic hats. His conceptual creations caught the eye of best high fashion designers.  Treacy gained not just fashion acclaim, but he was awarded at the British Fashion Awards with the honoring title of “British Accessory Designer of the Year” for five times.  As milliner himself told, hat is the symbol of positivist and it makes a hat wearer feel like he’s worth million dollars. 

Philip Treacy has an entire Royal Ascot hats catalog. His iconic designer hat is like a symbol of Royalty. In 2007 Prince Charles awarded him with honorary OBE award for the service to the British fashion industry. Treacy still have ongoing projects with the best international haute couture designers. We all have heads on our shoulders, therefore we all can wear an exceptional hat. 

Treacy’s background

The best British milliner was born in Galway, Ireland, in a very small village, to a family of eight children. Philip was fascinated with fashion since he was a boy, but it was uncommon during 70′s. Passion for creating hats he probably gained from his mother, who was a homemaker. His father, a banker, was too strict. Treacy have always thought of himself as different. He still is different so as his hats. 

Insight to Treacy’s personal intersts, history and his creating process

If you visit Treacy workshop in order to try on his designer hat, consider this process a therapy, he is like a psychiatrist.  So hat making as well as putting on a different hat can be healing. 

Philip himself absolutely love baseball caps. He feels that hats are no longer a conformist accessory. More than anyone Treacy creates rebellion hats. Everyone want’s to look exceptional and interesting these days. 

Philip Treacy workshop

Treacy was happy to be the top milliner at 2011 Royal Wedding. This time he had to make a designer hat not for a catwalk, but for real people and important event. Every guest and every lady had to wear an exceptional and unique hat. This was even a greater show and even more difficult than creating hats for high fashion collection. 

The only person he regrets not making  his designer hat, is his mother.  She used to make hats herself. She adored her sons collections, but never wore Philip’s hat. 

Lookbook of Philip Treacy designer hat

Paris Fashion Week; haute coutre Orchid Collection, January 2000In the studio, 11 November 1998©Philip Treacy

©Philip Treacy ©Philip Treacy ©Philip Treacy Grace Jones, London, 1998©Philip Treacy ©Philip Treacy ©Philip Treacy ©Philip Treacy ©Philip Treacy ©Philip Treacy ©Philip Treacy ©Philip Treacy ©Philip Treacy ©Philip Treacy The Royal Wedding, Battersea Studio, 27 April 2011©Philip Treacy ©Philip Treacy