In our blog we’ve already talked about Fedora hats  that actually are Trilby hats. What is the difference? How to avoid this confusion? I will try to solve this great mystery and misunderstanding. The truth is that mad hatters gets mad, when someone puts on a Trilby hat and says that it is Fedora, or the opposite. In the video above you might have noticed Sinatra’s hat. Can you guess, was he wearing a Trilby or Fedora?

Before guessing, just read this article, maybe it will be easier to see the difference between Fedora and Trilby. Today Trilby hats have become some sort of cheesy and stylish head wear for men.  Some say that men who wear Fedoras, are jerks, just like Italians who wear armless T-shirt and beats their wives.  This myth is accompanied by photos where men are not wearing Fedoras after all. The common mistake is that they choose a very common trend: retro-fashion. And trilby is thought to be retro, it actually is historic, but it carries a different name.  Many shops sell various trilbies with the name of Fedora. When we see black and white photos of Frank Sinatra, we assume he is wearing the same Fedora. Is he? Even if the structure of these hats are quite similar, trilby has a sharper crown and (put this in your mind), a much narrower brim, not like wide brim Fedora.

Even if such distinction is minor, it changes the world completely. Trilbies need less material and poorer fabric, that is why they are cheap and widely available for those posers, who think that they are wearing historical and stylish FEDORA. I can’t say that Trilby is not historical, because there were some great men, who pulled off this narrow brimmed look. Maybe not Uncle Buck in a tiny Trilby.

Unckle buck in Trilby

That is why Trilby hats doesn’t look stylish at all, because a man has to choose a hat where the brim is proportionate to his shoulders.  Why Sinatra looked good in Trilby? Back in his days, he was a skinny, little man, so a narrow brim looked good on him, but if a bigger, masculine guy ( like Uncle Buck) tries to pull off this tiny hat, he might feel and look ridiculously unattractive. If a man has a wide shoulders, he should go for Fedora. Still there are too many Trilbies and not so many Fedoras available.  However, there are some alternatives for men. They can maintain a classy style with derbies,  porkpie hats, homburgs and Western flair gamblers. Such choices will mach your build. They are not too narrow or wide brimmed. Just remember how Walter White in Breaking Bad looked with porkpie hat, how Al Pacino in Godfather rocked the homburg, or how a gambler style Western flair looked on Tony Curtis in Rawhide-Years.

If you are ready to buy a new hat and wear it with dignity, just try not to grab the firs one you find in the shop. Try to remember the difference between Trilby hats and Fedoras.  Can you guess now, which hat Frank Sinatra was wearing in the video above? 


So what you’ll find in the middle could be Trildora, if there is such thing. Try to avoid this confusion. I know it gets fuzzy, but after a while you’ll see the difference. After all Trilby might be just a type of Fedora, can it? But just listen to this interview with infamous singer Leonard Cohen, who always doffed his Fedora or a Trilby during concerts:

P.S We are sorry for the confusion.