It’s a sad and rainy day in the world of fashion, because we’ve lost one of its legendary designers, Oscar de  la Renta. ABC news reported that he passed away quietly this Monday morning. For a long time a 82 year old designer was struggling with Cancer. The wife of De la Renta confirmed to The New York Times, that the cause of his death, was due to the complications if his long-term battle with this illness. Even if he lost the war, this fabulous personality won many battles in life, so as in the field of fashion, and he’ll be greatly missed. 


Oscar De La Renta fitting Beatrice Lodge

Oscar De la Renta was born in 1932 ( The Dominican Republic).  The day he turned 18, Oscar left his home and went to study painting in Madrid. However, his path and mind changed there. Instead of painting, he began to pursue the carrier of fashion. He was an apprentice of one the most celebrated Spanish couturier, Cristobal Balenciaga. His own fame came in 1960′s, when he dressed the first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Oscar De la Renata Oscar De la Renata

When Oscar launched his on fashion line, celebration and fame came his way.  First ladies of USA ( Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton) and famous female celebrities adored his couture. He was a part of socialites, the creator of red carpet staples ( Oprah, Sarah Jessica Parker). The images of his wedding dresses (Amal Clooney; Kate Basworth), his all seasons couture collections will be the part of fashion history. 

Oscar De La Renta Oscar De La Renta Oscar De La Renta Clooney's wife wedding dress by De la Renta

In 2013 interview for The Telegraph, De la Renta told:  “Style begins by looking good naked”. He talked about the discipline of fashion and the way we have to live our lives.  The way he lived his life should be an example for all of us. As an old-fashion man he married his second wife ( Annette Engelhard Reed )  only after the death of his first love, Françoise de Langlade. He was married for 16 years to his first love, until bone cancer took her in 1983.  Just like Oscar himself, his second wife Annette stayed with her husband till his last breath. 






Oscar De la Renta was battling cancer since 2006. Until his death he was working in fashion industry, he even managed to launched his last Spring 2015 collection (NYFW) in September.  And his 2015 Spring issue was highly appraised. Oscar was true to his classic forms, decorations and…Oscar De la Renta couture

In 2013 Oscar’s closets friends recorded a tribute film. This is where designer said: “I feel very privileged, lucky, that I have had a wonderful life. And that I have been always been allowed to do what I loved.”

Oscar De La Renta Oscar De La Renta