If you had a sneak peak at Saint Laurent’s 2014 fall/winter fashion collection, just welcome the season of falling leaves by fallowing fall fashion trends. Have you missed cool temperatures, cold wind and those autumn shades?  It’s already here, just let autumn inside your wardrobe and heart.  I’ll present you (10) fall style choices. Just look for inspiration in our autumn lookbook. Shall we begin?

Autumn shades

1. Twiggy Mini-Dresses are back 

If you are all about vintage, why not go back to Twiggy 60′s. This fall fashion is all about mini dresses. Just look at this seasons Saint Laurent and Miu Miu collections. If you can wear only such short dress in 30 degrees at summer, during fall season you might need tights and a jacket or a sweater.  

Saint laurent 60's

2. Ladies in prints 

2014 fall fashion will never be boring, because it’s all about the prints this season. Just be bright, loud and proud, like Issa, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and Markus Lupfer models. Look for bright colours and graphic prints. Find that perfect texture and lines that fits you and helps you turn into a real autumn lady. 


3. Gold digger

We’ve always thought of gold as fall fashion color and so it is. Prada and Craven are not afraid of vintage fall kitsch vibes. You can start wearing metallic accessories. Gold fits your 60′s look perfectly. Just look like a gold digger, don’t be one. 


4. Spicy sport

If you are tired of this posh and elegant look, why not try a spicy sport image. Just don’t think of sportswear as Adidas sweatpants, like in the old days of 1998. Nowadays sporty means- casual and comfy, like mini-dresses or silky shorts, like Miu Miu and Fendi models this fall season.  It’s even appropriate if you choose shorts with a button-up blouse. Such combination would be perfect for an office look. Sporty is not just about athleticism anymore, it’s all about the state of mind and the state of style and play. 


5. In love with autumn fairy-tale 

Once upon another fashion dream, this fall fashion takes you back to the land of fairy-tales. A. McQueen went for airy and embroidery tales, Valentino models walked through the catwalk in floor-length sheer flowery styles and Dolce & Gabbana created their own fairy-land. Just put on those platform shoes and pay a tribute to all those autumn fairy-tales. 

Fairy-tale D&G

6. Graphic-bird prints 

How about a bird on a dresses and shirts, just like in Giles and Markus Lupfer collections? Graphically painted outfit and the wilderness is on top this season. Just be the one with nature and the one with birds and trees.  Fallow those falling leaves paths. 

Birds and nature in  fall fashion

7. Crafted English Gothic 

Every women is a bit crafty or goth, in other words every female is a witch. Doesn’t matter what’s the weather, Gothic image fits you. Armani and Erdem fallowed the path of The Craft girls. They gave us velvet mini-dresses, dark shades and some magical powers. You know, fashion is magical after all. Nancy Downs would agree with me.


8. Midi or short?

It’s always a tough decision, to wear midi or short dress/skirt?  Sometimes it depends on weather and sometimes on your mood. If you could wear a midi short skirt in summer, it will definitely be  appropriate for this fall fashion season.  Fendi and Michael Kors lets you do that. It’s the length of transition from one season to another. 

Midi skirt

9. In the light of neon

This fall and winter season will be as powerful and as colourful as ever. However, even if it’s bright and loud, there is some space for neon lights. Alexander Wang and Bluemarine are fascinated with this shade. This colour is bright enough and as always fearless. 


10. Tasty pastel 

The last, but one of the tastiest treats, is pastel. Somehow the best fashion designer can’t get enough of pastel this fall fashion season. If bright and bold shades are not for you, pastel would be a perfect choice. The falling leaves and falling shades. Christopher Kane and Marc Jacobs just adore pastel. During frosty and chill season just pair up those pastel dresses with sweaters, boots and tights. Mixing and matching is a perfect plan.  If you know what to mix and how to do it, your fall fashion outfit will look tasty.

Pastel Fall