Fall Wedding ideas

Fall Wedding ideas

Lets walk down the aisle with some fall wedding ideas. If it’s August, it is about time to plan your autumn wedding. When leaves begin to fall, lovers falls deeply in love. And how can you not love autumn. Those orange, red and bright hues. You can design a perfect wedding reception just by fallowing the shades of fall. Create perfect wedding, or a day to remember. Pay a homage to the most colourful season of the year and a homage to those fall harvest gods and goddesses. Just fallow these 11 Fall Wedding ideas. 

If you want to be inspired or inspire your guest during wedding ceremony, tie the not in style and some fall shades. These kind of ideas will help your ceremony so as reception to look fabulous. It’s all in the texture, rich colours and of course fall feast.  Where to begin? With falling leaves or falling linen textures?

Fall wedding details

Fall wedding details

All about the texture 

If you’re planning your fall wedding decor think of textures. Anything from quilted and ruched linen, silk, velvet, Ultrasuede, tactile and other visually stunning materials,  will suit those autumn rich shades. Try mixed textures as well.  Multiple layers, two tablecloths, organza anything goes this fall. Well not anything, but  specific  textiles and designs.

Brighten up 

Cheer up, it’s your fall wedding. Brighten up your ceremony and wedding reception.  The idea is this, mixing neutral shades with bright colours.  You can order a custom-made linen napkins with a hint of silk undersides. This simple idea might brighten up your wedding reception tables.

Napkins for a season 

It so fun to decorate your fall wedding. Reception tables can be covered in seasonal napkins.  How to tie them? Use a bundle of millet or a crab apple to create that fall atmosphere.  You can also find seasonal napkin rings in any shopping center, where you can choose from gold to silver and wood grain shades.  If you want to design and tie your napkins, just use velvet and grosgrain ribbons.

Walk the fall aisle 

Wedding pergola

Fall Wedding pergola

How fall wedding ceremony should look? Just take some wheat and grapes (it can either be real of faux) and mark your aisle with them. Remember fall is the season of rich harvest, why not use it in your wedding? You can exchange your vows under pergola all covered in grapes.

Metallic accents

Metal is a strong material, you can mix it up with fall shades and harvest textiles. Silver, gold, pewter, bronze and copper it all fits the fall hues. You can put mercury glasses for a change on your reception tables. Pop it up with some silver leaves. All vases, glasses and silver napkin rings will tell the story of a bride and groom.

A little bit of shattered glass and drama

Experiment, try putting a romantic-goth black glass or even some crystal on the table. Such choice looks fashionable, historical and unique. Have you ever thought of onyx crystal goblets and vases for your wedding feast table? Pour wine in those goblets and add some champagne-colored flowers.

 Modern simplicity 

If less is more in architecture, can the same rule be appropriate for the fall wedding?  Better avoid putting tons of decorations and motives. Just a pillar candle in rich autumn shades would be enough. Ideal colours would be pomegranate and aubergine.


Autumn harvest on reception table

Autumn harvest on reception table

Swing from the chandelier

Chandelier  can be hung from ceilings or even tents. Sparkling Swarovski will give some posh glamour to your wedding ceremony and reception. You can even try vintage varieties and fill them with candles.  Just swing on a dance floor in the light of chandeliers.

Falling leaves indoor 

Leaves can fall even indoors.  If its rains ( and it usually rains in UK) move your outdoor ceremony and reception to those rooms filled with autumn leaves and hues.  You can stage your indoor reception with trees and other plants.

Fall lightning 

How to light up your dance floor?  Just illuminate the dance floor by hanging gobo lights or warm colours lanterns. You can also put some branches that will create the look of an evening setting through the trees.

Create unique moods with lights 

It will be the night to remember if you turn on those LED lights. Just by using a zone lighting you can set a different mood for your ceremony. If your guests are drinking cocktails bring out some sunlight. Dinners should be lightened with pink and purple shades, like an evening sunset. Deep blue will be perfect for the dance floor. And your ceremony and reception are all set for the night.

If your fall wedding decorations are set,what about an autumn bride dress? Just look at the best fall wedding gowns. Just remember to cover up in fur during the drizzling fall weather.