Fashion industry already knows, how will we look and what will we wear in 2015 spring and summer, but before that, we have to live through autumn and winter. Who else will provide us with warmth and shelter, if not our masculine men. However, they have to be prepared for fall and winter as well. Just look through these men’s fall fashion trends. It will give you an idea, how ideal “fall man” should look. 

Into my arms Into my arms

We fell in love with men’s fall fashion trends, just like we fell asleep into each others arms, slowly and all at once. Colours and past trends have resurrected again. Once again puffy jackets and isle prints dominates in this fall menswear collection. Echoes of major fashion events have faded, but fashion trends stayed.  You may not believe this, but sweatpants made it onto the runway. In this short and trendy article, I’ll present you 8 latest fall trends in the field of men’s fashion. 

I. Quilted, puff and down-filled jackets

You thought that puffy and quilted coats are outdated? Not anymore, because these down-filled coats and jackets designed and suggested by Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, and Calvin Klein is what you and your man needs this fall. However, avoid over puffed coats, because they makes you look like a marshmallow or a time traveler, that got lost in fashion trends. If you pair this down-filled jacket with slim jeans and sneakers, you’ll definitely catch your girls attention. One simple rule: avoid these coats and jackets, if you are a classy office type man. Puff jacket is sporty, not formal type of outwear. 


II. Shearling “aviator” jackets

Shearling-lined coats that has resemblance with classic pilot jackets form WWII, also makes an updated comeback. Martin  Cooper, a designer of Belstaff bran, brought back this historical outfit to men’s fashion world.  If you want your man to look rugged and at the same time relegated, why not suggest him this warm “aviator” jacket for fall weekend getaway. By the way motorcyclist leather is back on fashion track again.


III. Trapper’s flannel

Some say that flannel suits only an outdoor wild men. This fall your man can go out to the city wearing his flannel shirt with some leather shoes and leather jacket. This combination and transference of flannel into the big city was possible because of Urban Outsider, A.McQueen and of course No.21. Just observe this versatile material that is perfect for any kind of weather. But the shades, the shades are just perfect for fall. Men’s fall fashion trends are all about flannel and the more the better.


IV. Men like big and boxy bags

A man and his big boxy bag, there is nothing queer asexual about that. We live in a unisex society, so large bags looks as fashionable on men, as it looks on women. Gieves & Hawkes, Burberry,Bally, Brioni and Bottega Veneta proved that. No matter if your man is going to the gym or business trip, such accessory is a must.  Leather boxy bag is the best choice. Forget all about canvas bags, leave them in the past.


V. Patterned knits

This fall is all about cozy knits. Get rid of all those bland and boring to death sweaters. This fall will look exiting in patterned knits and isle prints. Shirts and blazers suits your new sweater perfectly (don’t be afraid, it’s not Christmas yet). Layers it’s all about layers, when temperature stops rising, we must be prepared. Best designers had something to show and say about men’s fall fashion trends.

Nuno Gama | Winter 2015 | ModaLisboa - Vision

VI. All that black and white

As Dior in women’s fashion went for fairy, wedding white shades, so did designers of men’s fashion. There might be some bright choices this  fall, but for a formal wear, men should choose neutral and muted black and white suits and sweaters. Black and white combos are classic as ever, it’s like ing and yang philosophy.  Some famous designers ( Comme des Garçons, Agi & Sam,Todd Snyder, Casely-Hayford) tried to play with black and white colours. Any man looks absolutely masculine in black suits, but what if we give them some white and geeky details? If you want to avoid that tough formal look, just pair those black jackets with jeans. 

black and white

VII. Howard Wolowitz’s geeky turtlenecks

It seems that geeky image never goes out of style.It’s the comeback of retro turtlenecks. This years men’s fall fashion trends are somehow inspired by “Big bang theory”, especially by Howard Wolowitz. So fashion is going in circles again and smart is the new sexy. Such big brands like Ralph Lauren, Bally, DKNY and Topman Design, aren’t afraid to look geeky. So it’s a “Big Brand theory”. You can pair your turtleneck with blazers and “aviator” jackets, once again a layer after layer.


VIII. Sporty sweatpants

Last but not least and a bit unexpected, sweatpants. Even if you have some doubts about this trend, Band of Outsiders, Todd Snyder, Siblings and J.Crew has something to say and to show. Sporty and polished outfit, might look trendy if you pair it with boots, sneakers and fitted-shirts. Once again casual blazers and jackets are also a trendy choice this fall. 


If you are happy about these men’s fall fashion trends, you’ll be happy about your “newly” looking man, a man that keeps you warm in this embrace. Just fall in love with him slowly and all at once.