English are known for their headwear, such as fascinators, headpieces and hats. It’s concurrent part of Royal family clothing. However it takes a lot of class to be able to wear a fascinator and not look completely ridiculous. It can be the most catching detail, completing the whole outfit or it can look funny and wacky. So it’s important to choose right and even ask professional milliner for advice.


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“Hats are a cheaper form of cosmetic surgery” said well known milliner Philip Treacy. A lot of women give a fantasy of having a nice hat and he comes with an incredible creation! He created headgears for the Royal Wedding and for many other formal events, but for Philip Treacy, hats are not only for special occasions.

The designer believes that hats can transform facial proportions. It’s like a cheaper version of plastic facial surgery! What I mean is that professional milliner can really help to choose what suits to your face and outfit. If you don’t want to look like Princess Bea (sorry, but she chooses really strange looking fascinators) you can ask your friend for a sincere comment about your outfit.



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Talking about Royal family Kate Middleton can be an example of how to team beautiful fascinators with formal clothes. At Kate’s first public appearance after her engagement announcement, she wore a camel coat, dark brown opaque tights and scarf and of course a simply looking fascinator decorated with feathers and white shiny details. Brown scarf

wrapped around her neck added more casual look and keep her warm.  This one tone, neutral shade outfit looked very classy and perfect for this kind of occasion.

However, Kate once stepped out of her classy style routine with a bright red fascinator and matching dress in friend’s wedding. A year

later, she gave a nod to Canada by wearing a bright red fascinator with maple leaf and a white dress. The outfit was compatible with a red high heels and colorful clutch. There are so many other examples when Katie worn fancy headwear for the formal occasion. But I will continue later. Now a bit of what shouldn’t be worn with fascinators.

There’re some things that don’t go well with feathers and veils on your head. These are loose clothes, sweater and really motley, with lots of prints clothes. I think the fascinators are the main focus of the outfit, so it’s better not to overweight your outfit with details.