If you are here, you probably know what is the basic concept of fashion blogs. Even if you don’t, it is never too late to start your own blog.  It seems that everyone desires to share their thoughts, lifestyle, outfit ideas and philosophy online. With the rise of social media, there is nothing else left, but to join it and join it in style. From basic Facebook advertising, to short twitter messaging and visual Pinterest pins.  If you’ve noticed Rabbity goes all the way with  social media. Just few pieces in the puzzle are missing. But why Rabbity? In this article I’ll try to capture this popularity of fashion blogging, fashionistas and maybe you’ll see where do our blog stands in this market of style and hunting of trends. 

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Are fashion blogs responsible for the rising popularity of everyday fashionable decisions, or did high fashion provoked this rise of trendy blogging about style? They call themselves fashionistas, fashion gurus and etc. This market of blogging have a great influence on  the real fashion market.  With the discovery and revolution of IT and WEB, advertising decisions and tasks have changed so as media itself. Today advertising is based on online medium and we definitely live in Marshall McLuhan global village where medium is the message. Fashion bog is the message and blogger is not just the messenger of trends. You may have noticed that there is no need to be the daughter of Stella McCartney or the muse of Alexander McQueen, to become the part of fashion social elite. Fashion bloggers actually have their own social elite. This rise of blogging and especially in the field of fashion, has an effect on on the entire fashion industry. You can’t imagine an annual fashion week without a fashion blogger. Apparently Vogue editor is not the only VIP quest and messenger. 

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Those who are hunting for every trend in this fashion world, usually takes advise from bloggers. They are looking for  clothing inspirations and maybe a way to become the part of this fashion blogging society. With the end of every fashion week in the major fashion capitals, there is a great information overflow. This information is put on official fashion websites so as on fashion blogs. Yes, the best fashion bloggers also have a chance to attend the best fashion shows.  Today, not just designers of high fashion dictates trends, but also fashion bloggers with their unique sense of style. The best bloggers have a lot of followers. It seems that fashionista is a new word for fashion stylist.  Social medium is the best field for these growing stylists. Even if they can’t purchase couture from the latest high fashion collection, they become the hunters of fashionable alternatives.

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Nowadays spokespeople of style are those imaginative, intuitive and trendy bloggers. The have a great influence on  us, don’ they?  You don’t need to fallow every fashion show to get inspired, what you need is, fallowing the best fashion bloggers. Today the most popular social fashion trend is the street style lookbook.  Bloggers share photos with street fashion ideas and images from the famous fashion shows. A decade ago it seemed impossible for fashion bloggers, or regular followers of fashion, to become the guru of all the fashionistas. Instead of taking advises from vogue, we look up to fashion bloggers. 

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To run a fashion blog is much easier than running a true fashion magazine. We can relate to those regular fashion spokespeople. We know that high fashion couture have a high price, but ready-to-wear ideas of fashion blogs are easily accessible.  We can call these blogger’s advise a translations of high fashion. As I mentioned earlier, bloggers are hunting for alternatives and new ways to dictate street fashion.  All it takes is a sense of style and a little bit of creation. You may feel like an outcast, a grey person without a sense of style, but fashion bloggers will lead the way.

da32e36c3c2f2f006c8fb3283c76611d#Rabbityblog is another messenger of fashion, but we try to fallow the trends of fur fashion ( hats, coats, ear muffs, furry accessories), so as updated autumn and winter seasons style. Without looking at other bloggers, it is impossible to catch up. Everyday we learn and try to change the way you look at fur. Why you should go for Rabbity? As this fashion blogging industry keeps on growing, every blogger even the beginner, has to find his uniqueness and fashion intuition.  Even high fashion industry recognized this perspective field of blogging. That is why even the best designers try to go all the way with social media. It’s a way of being seen and heard.  From twitter and facebook, to instagram accounts. Popular brands are trying to reach their public, will rabbity find its devoted fans and followers?


It’s a global marketing campaign and a way of using the power of social medium. It is a way of advertising, spreading the word about new products and building the image of brands. Today fashion blogs and blogging is a mainstream, not just a small niche to inspire and get inspired.  But how can one blogger become famous? Is it possible to fallow all fashion blogs? In this massive information overflow we have to find a structure.  So will Rabbity….

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