Clothing ideas

Have you ever felt confused because of the high fashion industry changes? With new trends comes a big responsibility. For those who still believe that all clothes fits all ages and shapes, you’ll be a little bit disappointed. Here are some useful tips for women of all ages and all shapes. What shapes and colours to choose? Trust me, every woman wants to be adored and look stunning in public and in the eyes of her loved-one.

What makes women attractive? You don’t need to have a perfect body, naturally beautiful face, hair and… In nowadays society beauty is a statement, so modern fashion designers are trying to help us look and feel beautiful.  There are various styles and fashion tips advisers. From algorithmic programs that helps you choose your outfit, to personal stylists. Before putting on that flower print dress from the latest D & G collection,  fallow these vital advises. 


As Yves Saint Laurent once said: Fashions fade, style is eternal. I take this advise seriously, so should you. If a girl looks attractive it not necessarily means she is wearing high fashion couture. Nowadays, designers try to distinct what is ready-to-wear and what is hault couture with separate fashion shows.  Some clothes might fit your body, but it may not fit your personality. Every women and a girl should have a sense of personal style. Blindly fallowing top trends is not the answer.  Without unique personality there is no sense of style. Girls, so as older and more mature women, should choose new outfit according to their personality, body so as age. Age does matter, but there might be some exceptions. If a older woman is in entertainment industry and has the personality, wearing eccentric clothes , is not necessarily a mistake.  Of course there comes that time when your daughters wardrobe should be out of reach. Mature woman has to show some elegance, class and fashion etiquette. Fashion tips should be taken seriously if you no longer look like a teenager. Not just colours, but also the cuts of clothes should be properly chosen. 


If you fallow these simple fashion tips,  you might look even better than those top fashion models on the catwalk. To do so, you have to analyze your body first. Look for your weaknesses and strengths. There are so many ways to hide your flaws. Don’t forget your lifestyle, personality and finance. Just find what makes you feel comfortable. Confidence is beautiful. Even if you’r not the prettiest girl/woman in town, presenting yourself and sticking up to your values, makes you a stunning and mature lady. Besides your personality you should consider your profession as another fashion guidance. What is appropriate and not if you are working in the office space. Specific working environment requires a specific dress code. 


Every stylish girl should have several classy dresses in her wardrobe. Formal skirts, blouses, pant and shoes, all in nude tones, is a must. Of course choosing office outfit is another topic. Boring office look at a party is not the best answer.  Some glam and elegant jewelry might help you. Coco knew how to party in that little black dress. And we adore Chanel for her revolution. It’s always a safe choice.  Just like choosing occasion and type of outfit, you should also think about colours. Even if pastel is trendy this season, it may not fit every girl and woman. If pale shades helps you in the office, you should go for something different for a party. 

Coco and Hepburn in little balck dress

Always take into consideration your age. If mini skirts and tight blues jeans fitted you perfectly in your early 20′s you might look ridiculous wearing the same in your  50′s. Take these fashion tips seriously and never blindly fallow the high fashion trends.