@juneAmbrose is a passionate fashion stylist, costume designer, an author and a mother. In fashion media she is know as the best celebrity stylist. Her clientele includes: Jay ZWill SmithMissy ElliottMary J. Blige, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake and many more. Besides fame in celebrities fashion industry, she is a face of “Style Achiever” a woman who knows how to wear fur or any type of fabric for that matter, but this time we’ll have a look at her passionate fur fashion choices. 

June Ambrose in fur

June Ambrose is the best choice for “Style Achiever” campaign. With her unique sense of style, and recognition in fashion industry, she definitely fits the picture. June is quirky, all natural and fun to be around. This confident stylist, designer and a mother knows what to say and how to say it with the right kind of clothes. It’s no surprise to see her confidently walking through the streets of New York City in fur hats, coats and other furry accessories.  So what else is so special about June?

June Ambrose

June Ambrose have been changing and renewing style of some of the best and the most famous celebrities, especially those who are in today’s top music industry. In public she is known as a “style architect”. She’s been active for almost two decades and still is. Each day June is hunting for something different, something swag, she is also never tired of fur. June is our fur Diva.


“Style Achiever” campaign is the issue of November.  We’ll be seeing plenty of fur fashion in Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country this month and maybe some in December. These issues will feature the growing fur trend in home design so as the best designers (Helen Yarmak International, J. Mendel, Libertine and Mathieu Mirano) choices for 2014/15 fall/winter. Some of them we’ve already seen and embraced. Seems that fur this year is all graphical, playful and other the top. 

June Ambrose

While women got used to buying shoes, bags and other top trends accessories, “Style Achiever” reminds them that fur fashion can be as trendy as stylish as the most luxurious labels. As women and girls are looking for labels and love in the big city of New York, they should try looking for fur as well. It is exiting and chic to wear fur, just look at June. So find some space in your wardrobe for a new fur coat or furry hat? 

June Ambrose

In order to make this campaign updated, cozy and chic, creators photographed  June Ambrose in her daily scenarios. Seems that we can incorporate fur in our everyday situation. So fur moves far beyond fashion, because it is more of a lifestyle and a statment.

June Ambrose and her children

June knows how to transform any type of fur into fur fashion. She knows how to mix and match and look all dressed up for any occasion. We’ll be seeing more of June in the December “Elle Decor” ad issue. This is where we see her shine, even after long and hard day of a stylist duties. 

Style Achiever
June, so as her daughter Summer, knows how to sport a great fur jacket, coat or a hat. So it doesn’t matter if you are 55 or 25, because fur fashion is universal for any age woman or a girl. You might just need a proper guidance, how to choose a different fur for different stages of your life. So stay fresh with furry ideas and playful style choices. 

June and summer