We already talked about fur hats in our blog, this time we will talk about Russian style that goes well with such hat. Russian women adore fur hats not only because it looks chic and stylish, but also because it helps them to keep warm on a blistering cold in Moscow.

Nobody knows better how to stay stylish and don’t get cold than Russian women. Perhaps, this is the reason why fur and all aristocratic style revive this season in most autumn/winter collections. Ice cutting wind that makes Russian ladies’ cheeks blush under luxurious fur hats, the strings of pearls that lie on fair skin and a lacy black dress underneath thick coat – this is the look I would call Russian fashion.


Photo Credit: SerrNovik via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: SerrNovik via Compfight cc

This look reminds me about 19th century when such beauties were necessary for every society women. This is romantic Russian imperialism with its fine fashion and style. This fashion is back in time this season. There were lots of Russian fashion infusions this year at fall/winter designers’ collections. It’s impossible to ignore such beauties like shapely fur hat or soft fluffy collar. It really don’t matter who you prefer real fur or not – it will look glamorous anyway.

Moreover, modern fashion is now able to propose the superfine faux furs, which don’t yield up by its quality to real fur. Fashion designers are now returning to the mid 19th century Russian opulence and exquisite taste. These are collections that make you wish for freezing weather just to wear those chic fur hats and collars over thick tailored coat. Let the history inspire you and give up to old habit and flirts like wearing long elbow-length gloves which can be lightly removed showing smooth well-groomed hands. Let your femininity bloom!


You can stick to the Russian style by wearing a dress decorated with lace. It makes such chic and glamorous look. Laces were very fashionable this year and are still not going anywhere from trend. You can trust me, lace looks brilliant in formal occasions.

The most magnificent dress is with lacy back. It creates mysterious and alluring look, which is needful for every woman to charm a man.  Lace can be embroidered with shiny details or glittering threads to make it even more smart and suitable for extraordinary occasion. It’s never too revealing just the right sexiness and gentility blend. Putting a fur hat on will make your incoming even more remarkable.

The best thing about fur hats is that, besides looking chic and glamorous, it keeps you warm and comfy. I just love that snug feeling it gives me. Once you’ll try it, you’ll never want to split up with fur hats.