NAFA  also know as North American Fur Auction,  hosts special program throughout the world every year. International exhibitors and investors, attends these auctions in order to draw attention to the global fur market. How it changes, what are the newest trends ant etc. Besides these type of auctions, today there is a great fur fashion promoting campaign #furnow. Who launched this marketing campaign? 

Fur now campaign

If Canadian based NAFA is a business, that trades and sells raw fur pelts for global fur clothing industry, International Fur Federation (IFF) plays their role in this global market by releasing their #furnow campaign. It seems that fur changes and we have to know about it. This 2014 marketing and advertising strategy of furs, looks fashionable and colorful beyond belief. And Rabbity is head over heels about fur fabrics and garments. If vintage brown beaver fur coats are all time classic, IFF offers us a brand new view.  Today we can go for a “hand-me-down fur coat” scenario or buy a chick coat for a second-hand store. We tend to go for the second scenario, because genuine fur coat made out of genuine pelts is a great investment. We’ve already told you how to choose a proper fur coat, how to take care of it, but what about this mystical and viral #furnow campaign?


I believe that such campaigns are vital for global fur trade so as fur fashion. We can see the difference from fur back in the old days to nowadays trends. No oversized, classic brown coats will do. Our generation wants  to create their personal furry style. Shapes, shades and models of fur coats varies because of our personal choices. Eye-catching colors is a must. Maybe that’s why IFF used bright and shouting colors in their new campaign. 

You can fallow #furnow trends through the world

©Fur now ©Fur now

Fur traders and manufacturers proved us that this material can be used in various even countless ways. It’s not just the main seasonal clothing fabric, but also a new form of interior design. You can use fur as your bow tie, key chain, wallet, handbag and etc.  IFF definitely modernized the image of fur trade. It is entirely new, democratic and maybe youthful orientated…

©Fur now

I believe this campaign is brilliant, why not try something similar with fur hats? Despite all hateful comments and lack of arguments from the opposite side, we all have something to tell about fur fashion, don we? I’m just glad it’s reviving.