SAGA FUR doesn’t stop here, they go even further,  far to the east. We met them at the International Fur Trend 2015 runway. In Beijing we praised the top trends of the upcoming fur season. Furry inspiration, preparation for the winter is and always will be vital.


How will we look this winter all covered in furs?

2015 top fur trends suggests us to look fresh, chic, young and luxurious. Seven international designers presented their collections on the runway of BIFT PARK, but not without the help of Saga furs. Visually innovative and luxurious furs awed its guests. This event ( 27 September) had two sponsors, who were all crazy about fur trends of 2015 ( BIFT; SAGA). Guests were thrilled to see the new generation of colorful furs. 

Who appeared on the runway?

I.Brandon Sun (US)

II.Creatures of the Wild (US)

III.Grace Chen (China)


IV. Occhivivi (China)


V.Saga Furs (Finland)


VI.Todd Lynn ( UK)


VII.WU.D (China)


It was a right place and a right time to bring western and Chinese furriers and designer on the same catwalk. Each designer showed off its characteristics and interpretations of fur craftsmanship. The part of Beijing Design Week, this event showed how strong Chinese fur industry could be. However, without collaboration with the westerner designers, it wouldn’t be the same. I think it’s an important strategic move that brings different cultures together. 

I would go this season for the fur in blue shades of cool.

Blue fur hat Blue fur