Motivationmotivation and some inspiration at FUR VISION NEW YORK. So start spreading the news, I’m leaving today… Well I’ve already left and already found some inspiration. Saga Furs Design Center welcomed new ideas, techniques and pushed new designers of furs towards creation. This Fur Vision presented new fur business ideas at the center. This “Vision” concept is vital, because no designer begins to make fur products without getting some inspirations and ideas first. 

Inspiration for furry winter wedding


Charles Ross, the head of international fur marketing, is happy about the success of Fur Vision in New York. It is because of the discovery and motivation, which influence collection teams, designers, fashion editors and etc. It’s an event of the year for professional furriers. Why it’s so important? These Fur Visions events might positively forecast the trends of the upcoming fur season. 

Before fashion there has to be and inspiration 

By seeing new samples, designers begin to generate new ideas, so it is like creation in the making. In such events you may find already established brands, so as some newcomers. Youth is ready to create fur fashion and motivate the next generation.   Designer Sherry Cassin of BC International, the bigest fur retailer in North America, is happy about Fur Vision perspectives and opportunities.  She noticed how furriers play with colors, techniques and textures. Such events are like a kickoff of the upcoming season. 

Saga Furs in New York 2

There might be no fur business without inspiration and creativity 

Creativity and inspiration is a vital part of any fur business. Fur Vision New York, or any other vision is like a link between economical, business aims and creative side of furs. Such events spurs with innovations and hints of the upcoming season trends. After this “Vision” in New York, fox and mink furs will be at a top of new collections, so as the colorful and cozy coats.