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©British style sub-lapel coat @Pascale Lemay De Groof

©British style sub-lapel coat @Pascale Lemay De Groof

Why do British people absolutely love autumn and winter? Because they are used to this drizzling weather. They know how to rock that autumn/winter look, more than summer outfit. Even if it’s the beginning of August, we need to talk about winter coats.  It’s easier to wrap yourself  in some trendy snuggy coat, rather that to find that perfect dress for the beach. Our dreams are made out of fur, cashmere and silk.

“The Oxford street” shops are getting their first autumn/winter season deliveries, so what do we need to know about the upcoming trends?  Just look at BURBERRY PRORSUM for 2014/2015 autumn/winter, but if that is not enough, here are 8 fashion trends, from the moods of 60s to the oversized 70s  winter coats.

1. Back to 60s 

Before looking at winter coats, lets see what type of clothing layers we should wear underneath this frosty season. We are back to those A-line shifts. Louis Vuitton goes back to 60s.  Ladies will wear those a-line shift dresses, luxurious polo necks and they will finish this look with real leather knee-high boots.  Gucci was a bit glamorous, he chose brown A-lines with a pair of ruffled leather shirts, while Valentino lightened up and created a bright printed look. Minis and bold prints are back, so look at your mother’s or grandmother’s closets for some 60s. Create and modernized 60s look.

2. Even fairy tales come true, if you wear winter coats 

We are all waiting for  that Christmas miracle. It’s too early for that, but never too early for autumn/winter fashion.  Just put that furry hood over your head, like Dolce & Gabbana models on the catwalk.  Think furry and massive this winter. Oversized coats are back and in jade green and red ruby colours. Fell like a little Red Riding Hood for a change. If you’re planing your Christmas party image, how about this Christopher Kane’s origami dress?  Such dress will give a 3D effect, so you will definitely be at the center of attention.  If such dresses looks phenomenally imposing, huge furry hoods will definitely be practical.

3. Designer suggestions for grown-up normcores

Who are those normcores and how do they dress? It is a subculture based on conscious, artificial adoption of things that are in widespread use, most of the time they dress in T-shirts and jeans and talk only in slang.  This time normcores dress trendy and not quite boring. Ladies will like those tailored louche trouser suits, wool jumpers, grey, navy and of course black colours.   This type of outfit should be as comfortable and as affordable as possible. Stella McCartney will never give up such normcores look, as well as Marc Jacobs and Margaret Howell.  Black or grey hoody won’t work this time, better try trendy normcores winter coats.

4. The artistic portrait of a lady 

Before putting winter coats on, chose the best and the most artistic dress. The Burberry autumn/winter show celebrated artistic 1920s. Christopher Bailey looked boho. Watercolour dresses and scarves with ankle boots looked spiritual and creative.  So be artistic  and spiritual this frosty season.

©Burberry ( Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

©Burberry ( Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

5. Fast food and fast fashion

In this fast pace world, fashion trends changes faster. How about some consumerism for a change? Burberry and Karl Lagerfeld thought that this idea will look romantic and fab. Supermarket chick image  might be trendy this winter. Big fashion brands and even bigger fast food and supermarket themes. Just look at Pepto-Bismol crop tops, trainers and track pants. It’s not trashy it’s fab. Jeremy Scott also thought about consumerist bright colours and accessories.

6. Monday blues 

Navy and cobalt blues will look perfect with/on winter coats. If pink was the supreme colour last  season, blue is fighting back. However, both blue and pink are en vogue, just like Christopher Kane proved. All the shades of blue will top off  this autumn and winter fashion trends. Just look at J.JS  Lee, who tried some electric shock blues on the catwalk.

7. You walk like Marlene Dietrich 

Prada went for that Dietrich kind of look. With silk and shearling coats models looked like Hollywood stars. Dietrich glamour and romanticism. How about some black leather with a hint of red silks. Such winter look will look seductive and dangerous.

8. Oversized winter coats 

Finishing up with some glam and huge winter coats.  Gucci tried that cosy-faux-fur street look. You should make a statement with your coat. This type of coat looks more like a blanket, but chunky-faux-fur ads some 70s luxury to it.

This autumn/ winter your street fashion choices can vary from the  sounds of 60′s to luxurious Hollywood looks.