Mink fur coatThink mink fur for a change, just like Margot in Wes Anderson’s film “Royal Tenenbaums”. Mink fur coat looks posh, intellectual and fashionable. So in this fur farming market, mink is the best choice. That is why the best fashion designers and their supermodels think mink. 

What is mink fur and how to find it ?

Fantastic mink beasts and where to find them?

In this specific fur farming there are two types for mink. Wild and ranched. Wild one looks naturally dark, while ranches are dyed in various shades. Such fabric looks glossy, it’s hard wearing and short napped. The mink itself, is a semi aquatic Weasel , who’s often found in North America, China, Japan and Siberia. So this animal just loves cold weather, because of fur, he is not afraid of frost.  You shouldn’t be afraid too, if you wear mink. fur.

Just in 19th century we began trapping minks in any quantity for fur farming and fur fashion reasons. However, just in the middle of 20th century this type of fur was accepted as  highly fashionable.

©Mink fur pelts

©Mink fur pelts

Mink fur coat is usually dense and lightweight, unless it’s sheared.  This type of fur has lustrous guard hair and soft, lush fur underneath.  Today dark mink is highly recognizable, but in 1930′s the best mink breeders developed another type of clear light blue (‘Sapphire’, ‘Silverblue’) and white fur.  If breeders and fur coat makers choose female mink it will be smaller, softer, lighter and silkier in weight. If male mink has a lower luster,  female fur has a higher, but it does not change the quality of mink pelt. If you want to check the quality of mink pelt, or choose a better one, use the touch test: you should look for silky guard hair ( it’s longer hair on top), look for even-textured under fur ( it’s thicker, shorter fur underneath the guard hairs). 

The story of how I was looking for the best mink fur coat 

Looking for mink fur coat

Looking for mink fur coat

This is a nameless search and I am a nameless searcher.  Someone said to me once, that fur is the new pashmina now. So I began my search for this perfect material. I just hoped to wrapped with mink fur from head to toe.  I just wandered, how will I feel and look with a sky-blue mink shawl or sky-blue mink fur coat? Before finding that perfect fur, I have to find a perfect fur man/woman in London. Is there anyone artistic,  professional in this big city? I always wanted to buy such fur coat that is one of the kind.  A fur coat designed specifically for me.

I walked down the streets of London and wandered, having only one wish: to find the best mink fur coat. I wonder, does anyone create such fur coats from start to finish? Are they manufactured them in fabrics and fur farms? I would like to visit such fur designer, who creates mink classics so as muffs, cuffs, suits, shawls and even mink peacoats. My fur designer has to be universal, not just fashionable.  Crazy innovation combined with traditions and standards, this is what I look for in a fur designer. What if it’s even possible to wear mink clothing on the beach? Think about that.

Bette Davis mink fur coat Is mink fur, a London’s state of mind, just like New York’s? British high fashion models run the streets of London wearing mink fur coats. They remind me of those Golden Hollywood icons, Bette Davis and Celeste Holm. Even if the best mink is farmed and breed in America, British fur market has various importers. Today mink fur is thought to be a fashion fabric. Thus I want to be the part of this mink fashion community. Just like every mink fur breeder and designer, I want to tell my story. In this industry there are really great ones. However, I’m still wondering, how will I find my story, my mink coat in this enormous market of the best fur. I know that buying mink is  some sort of event. It’s valuable fabric so as highly fashionable.

First of all I need a mink fur guide. He’ll know the prices, styles and the best quality. There are few types of mink fur coats. There is a classic one, just like our mothers wore ( ‘”furry”, “long hair” in natural colours). There is also a sheared mink, this type of fur has  natural colour or dyed shades.  Both types are warm so as fashionable. However, sheared one feels and looks like plush velvet.  I just hope to find such plush velvet mink coat one day.

Whether, I choose classic or sheared mink, I should try it on, feel the fabric. If it’s a high quality mink, the hair should be very dense. High density= long lasting. Besides density, I’ll be looking for good-quality pelts, the best workmanship and a great-fitting garment.  Someone said, that the best mink coat makes you feel like a million bucks. Is this accurate comparison in UK?  Or should I fell like a million pounds worth,  not weight.

©70's mink fur coat

©70′s mink fur coat

Besides the quality of mink, I should decide if I want a lighter, thinner coat, or a bigger, hairier and heavier? This depends on the mink gender. Female mink fur is the lighter one, however, until 70′s in Europe male mink fur meant luxury. Some choose heavier fur fabric, simply because they think it’s warmer, but it is an illusion. What determines a great mink fur coat? If you look at pelts, there are no two furs alike. When designers and artisans make their coats, they choose pelts artistically, they try to combine the best shades.

I know that some mink fur manufacturers dye their fur in order to disguise a bad quality pelts. That is why I’ll go for natural mink coat.  Besides the colours, I should look at the connections of the sleeves to the rest of mink fur coat. If there are any weird stitches,  I should ditch such coat. The best mink fur guide will find the best coat with enthusiasm. Such guide should be an artist so as artisan. He’ll help me to find the best coat. Not just a coat, but a mink one that is worth a million stories.

My search still continues, but here is a lookbook of some crazy mink fur coats from crazy modern to historical retro, that I was lucky to find.