Christmas songs filing our houses with joy, hot chocolate with a hint of cinnamon, a smell of tangerine and a taste of Christmas pudding.  Holiday season is all around us, but something vital is missing. That’s where we will give you some original advises for Christmas decorations. If kissing underneath the mistletoe and decorating Christmas trees exactly the same every year isn’t enough, try our few tips how to be creative this season.

  On the first day of Christmas



Don’t leave your dining and lounge tables empty. This is the season to enjoy yourself and give some treats for your loved ones. That’s where you can color home interiors, by bringing delight to your tables. Sweets are the part of Christmas decorations, don’t forget that. But don’t make a fuss, simply fill Christmas bowls with red and white peppermint balls and those fluffy marshmallows and put it at the center of your table.  Of course don’t forget to put ribbon candies and candy cakes on the side. And that’s how you make a simple, but delightful change to your dining, or lounge rooms.

On the second day of Christmas


If you want to avoid filling up your home with quotidian Christmas decorations, try thinking minimalist. Choose wisely the color pallet for your decorations. It should be fresh and wintery, something like pale blue and silver. For example try bedecking your old-fashioned chandeliers or modern and simple illumination with magnificent baubles and shimmering snowflakes.  This decoration could be topped with a simple satin ribbon hanging from the chandelier

  On the third day of Christmas


Modern simplicity should be applied not just to chandelier Christmas decorations. You can create a smart, but fashionable holiday season interior, just by hanging white stockings on your fireplace. If this simple detail is not enough, try combining white with something green and fresh. Evergreen wreath, or garlands will create a perfect seasonal accent in your house. Just add it up with something golden, like a deer figurine.

On the fourth day…


Every house and every family has its own sense of style for Christmas Decorations.  Don’t be afraid to use your personal style for some minor or major details. For example, windowsills shouldn’t be abandoned. Try adding something colorful but smart near your windows. Because someone passing by could notice your good sense of style. Try filling glass jars with various height and shape leftover balls.

  On the fifth day…


 If you don’t want to posh up your home with expensive Christmas decorations crate your own. It could be a Christmas tree made from reader’s digest magazine. It’s one way of saving environment and your money. Try creating advent calendars, design your own wreath by gluing bows of various colors. You can even make your own mistletoe from felt. Just be creative.

On the sixth day…

We could offer you those 12 days off Christmas decoration ideas, but we want you to find, a unique way of seeing Christmas all around us, on your own. Just remember that minimalist, but playful thinking creates a sense of style. That’s why we offer to think outside the box. Use our tips just as guidance, but create your own 12 days of Christmas.