Autumn winter 2014 trends are here to stay till 2015 spring. We’ve already looked in the best designers AW  fashion wardrobes, we walked through the catwalk of AW fashion weeks. Once again I’m opening doors and windows for autumn/ winter fashion wind. This time it’s all about Dior. Why we J’adore this specific couture house? 

Dior autumn winter 2014 trends

Pale white shades of Dior

It seems that Dior dictates autumn winter 2014 trends for dresses. From short, cocktail dresses to long coat-dresses. Skirts, tops, pants and even fur coats reflects same shades and moods. Black and pastel cream colours seems to be the favorite of Dior house this season. Blue, pink and white shades are at the top of A/W collection. To make things more exotic and oriental, designers choose flowery details and Chinese motives. Every A/W garment seem to have this little detail. Dior baggy elegance is an absolute must.  Edgy look and stunning single pieces looks absolutely fabulous.

Shapes of fairy  dresses 

A- shape dresses,  fitted on the top and ballerina feel from the hips.. Most of these white dresses looks like wedding dresses. It seems that winter wedding garment is sorted.  It’s the example as modern meets wedding couture.V-neck  with a soft shapes makes them rounder and puffier. If we look at little fitted dresses, we’ve notice that they are not modeled as cone fitted garments. With Dior dresses women look like they are floating. Short dresses have a sharper neck, that gives them a little bit of edge. Dior is bringing back fairy elegance with his pearl white, orientalist choices.  With details on the top each dress looks exceptionally different.  Different necklines completes the pattern of couture. Belts around the waist shows of slim and graceful figure.

More than a Cinderella ball 

Besides flouting dresses, Dior’s autumn winter 2014 trends suggests ideas for loose fitted shirts with long sleeves, skirts and other types of shirt in the same whitish shades. Seems like Dior went for Pure White festivities.  Simplicity of skirts is genius. Some of them flouts like flowers on water.  Besides fairy skirts and dresses, Dior went for pastel onesies/ overalls. All pieces aren’t too baggy, because the belt on the waist makes it elegant so as edgy. Flower edges must be Dior’s thing this season.

Autumn winter 2014 trends in fur

Because this is a fashion blog about fur we couldn’t help but notice those perfect fur coat choices of Dior. A/W clothing combinations is sublime. Just a simple top, cigarette pants and luxurious ad long fur coat. This is what you expect from winter and Dior. For shorter coats he chose bigger round necks and sharper edges.  But it’s not all about pale shades, pastel and fur, because Dior also went for a risky and more colourful coats. 

We J’adore Dior for his white, flowery, oriental and sublime autumn winter fashion choices for 2014/2015 couture. This is elegant and fairy fashion, but not yet a A?W revolution. Is it? It looks more like a comeback of modernized Baroque, Romanticism and Orientalist era ideas.