You think you know everything about women’s winter head wear, but how about men’s winter hats? I won’t be all historical about it, because what fascinates me most, is the hats style of one specific personality: Jared Leto, Hollywood actor, musician and a perfect human being, who won Oscar this year.

I’ve told you the history of furry Ushakas before, this time I will be more practical and visual. How Jared Leto rocked his winter look? What sort of headgear he chooses for a change? For Jared men’s winter hats or any other hats for that matter, definitely represents his iconic style. “30 seconds to mars” lead singer knows how to shape his rocky image in summer, so as in winter. Before looking at his hot and rocky summer hats, lets look what he has to offer us for winter frost?

How about  Ushanka style fury hat? Is he rocking that men’s winter hats look? Crazy, fuzzy and rocky look perfectly fits his personality. And what about those dazzling eyes of his? He is definitely confident about his looks. Oscar winner is not just a talented creator, he is able to shape and create his own sense of style. When winter comes, he know what sort of hat to put on. He is not afraid of fur or any childish look. He proved us that even kitten ears image suits him well. How out that for masculine look?

It seems that any type of men’s winter hat fits him perfectly, from indie beanie, to autumn horse riding cap. His fans adores him not just for his musical and acting talents, but also for his perfect sense of fashion. It seems that Jared can rock even a Santa Clause look and he is definitely obsessed with trendy headgear. From now on Leto maybe dictating men’s hat fashion.

If his men’s winter hats are trendy, you should look at his summer head accessories collection. Wherever he goes out, Jared puts a different hat on. Some people likes to humor him, that he is like Bartholomew Cubbins, who wears 500 different types and styles of hats.  But who is that Bartholomew Cubbins?   He is the  poor hero of two children’s story books by Dr. Seuss. The story goes like this,  as  Bartholomew removes the hat from his head, another one magically reapers. But why is it so important to remove the hat? As you may recall there are some hats doffing rules and laws.  This story could be relevant for Jared as well. As he removes one hat, another magically appears. Thus his collection of head wear is infinite, owever no one threatens hims like poor Bartholomew.

©@yesthisisacult Bartholomew Cubbins escaping from the @jaredleto head

©@yesthisisacult Bartholomew Cubbins escaping from the @jaredleto head

Could we name Leto the mad hatter of the 21th century? He probably buys designers hats. It’s not like he is making them himself.  Actually Leto is more of a Cubbins than a mad hatter.  His men’s winter hats collection is as mad as his summer headgear. He tried fedora, sombrero and cowboy hat looks. Each head wear choice fits his outfit perfectly. Leto’s indie and rocky image makes him more attractive and mysterious. He looks like a wild child lost in this world of doffing and fashion rules.

From indian 30 seconds to mars, to the casual stroll on the street in a sunny  hat. Jared rocked men’s winter hats, so as sunny brims. With every hat he puts on, another one appears. If anyone is looking for a hat inspiration just look at Leto and his “500 hats”.  Doesn’t matter if he grows his hair long or shaves it all of, still, any type of hat on his head will be a statement of his personality . His “Requiem for a hats” inspires us. What sort of winter or summer hat would you choose? Obsessions with fashion is not necessarily a bad thing, especially for a public personality. In fact it’s a necessity for him to have a unique sense of style.

Leto always had a childish side in him. That is why he puts crazy hats on his head. If any other man wouldn’t be secured about his masculinity, Leto definitely brakes any fashion barriers. We just need to look at his acting roles, where he proves his fashion and characteristics courage. Leto is another brilliant actor who drastically changes for his roles. In Chaper 27 he gained weight, while in the latest film  Dallas buyers  club  he looked as a skeleton. No matter what role he gets, Jared finds the way and image to relive it.

If Leto’s choices in men’s winter hats proves that he is a wild and masculine spirit, the sunny hats shows us his childish side. Even if he jokes that his hats are ‘Half the Hat of Pharrell’, still this perfect human being is men’s fashion icon. We just hope that this winter season he will rock a new and refreshing look with a different hat each day. Trust me it’s not a curse to have an infinite collection of head gear, especially if you can change men’s winter hats almost every day.

I’ll leave you with the wild spirit of Leto.

May he inspire your trendy looks for the upcoming winter season.

© Indian Jared Leto

© Indian Jared Leto