Which winter accessory goes hand in hand with fur hats, or any other hats for that matter?  Winter gloves are coming. Cover your hands with a sense of style and cosiness. If you want to jazz up your outfit with a little accent, choose one or maybe few from this winters the most fashionable gloves.  

Photo Credit: nicholaspaulsmith via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: nicholaspaulsmith via Compfight cc

Warm and fabulous with black leather

Who said that leather is outdated? This might happen if your outfit is a little bit out-leathered. But if you choose just a simple detail, like covering your hands with a little black magic, you will look fabulously elegant. You know what else? Black leather goes hand in hand with this winter trend- fur. Choose black leather winter gloves and posh up your outfit. But remember that total blackness could be jazzed up with a little décor, like check-print.

It’s not all about leather

If you don’t fancy leather try going fur. Winter gloves or gauntlets will be not just warm, but also very fashionable. Because this season is all about fur. Feel wilder and trendier with reversible fur gauntlets. Any colour will be suitable, but don’t be too eccentric.

A little bit of knitting

Maybe every Christmas your lovely nanny gives you knitted gloves, but you are not keen on wearing them. Change your mind, because knitted winter glove are never out of fashion. Try colourfully patterned knits, minimalistic colours mittens, fingerless knitted gloves or saucy button hood gloves. Wool is coming back as well and what could be warmer when a granny knitted mittens…

It’s all about length

From posh and long leather gloves, to cosy wool wrist warmers.  This season winter gloves are all about length. Elegant and practical, this trend can’t be outseen. So if you planning to posh up your outfit, choose long and elegant leather gloves. Or maybe you’re looking for warm and saucy accent, choose knitted pattern long gloves.

No matter which type of winter gloves you choose, always try matching them with your own sense of style. 

Photo Credit: Marco Spaapen via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Marco Spaapen via Compfight cc