I know that it’s Augusts, but it’s never to early, or too late for fur fashion, especially for fur fairs. This May all fur fashion lovers gathered at Kastoria, Greece. Just have a glimpse at the rich and creative fur show and what trends they had to offer.

You know Kastoria actually have a rich history in the fur trades. It takes us hundred of years back. To me, fur have always been a myth and a mystery. This time designers combined remarkable functionality and stunning creativity.  Fashion Gala opened the 39th International Fur Fair in Kastoria. This event burst with with creative energy and colourful fur patterns and textiles.  Kastorian Fur Association “The prophet elias” together with auction house of BlackGlama organized a furry spectacle.


All eyes on fur. 130 participants in total and twelve remarkably representative fur collections and brands, that focused on fur transformations and transitions. Those transformations were rather peculiar so as unfamiliar. Even if it was unusual, we can still think of those collections as fashionable studies of fur myths.  If we look at the background and context of Kastorian fur, we might notice the symbolic of its trustworthiness.  Kastorians were always fashionably curios. The global fur market will always have its fashionable needs. And this is what Kastorians have to offer.  It seems that  we’ll be seeing plenty of fur this Fall/Winter ( 2014/15).

High fur fashion,  laces, zippers and daily life outfits.  All the shades of blue, white and yellow. This year Kastorian fur looked bright as the stars across the night sky. Even metal zippers didn’t bother me. Double face fur fashion looks rather practical.  Designers weren’t afraid of raw materials and creative takes. This global market shows that fur may never go out of style. High fur fashion will always have its potential costumers.  Fur is mythical and luxurious, even if this material is the oldest. Are you curious to wonder around the wild woods and catwalks of Kastoria?

The gallery of some of the fur fashion brands that participated in Kastoria 39th International Fur Fashion Gala 2014: