Probably a lot of us during parties want to create special atmosphere and special mood. We often rely on clothes and accessories to make the occasion feel special. When you think about – all celebrations have things that create the meaning. For example it is Christmas tree, presents, and Christmas hats that make Christmas or cake, candles and balloons that make birthday feel like birthday.

I think that there are things that make party feel like party and one of them is party hat!

party hat

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Theme parties are super fun. There’s no age limits for it! However, sometimes it’s not easy to think up the theme for the party. You’ll never regret choosing hat party. It’s easy to pick a party costume because you won’t need a whole costume, just a hat. Moreover, you can let your fancy do the work, because there are so many different hats, from casual to stunning master creation. Get ready to party with your party hat!


First of all, you will have to provide the invitations for all guests. To get your friends in the mood you can create invitations in shape of the hat. Don’t forget to explain the main thing – all guests


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have to wear a party hat. The invitation can be very colorful and attractive if you planning to have a crazy-hat party, or it can be more subtle and swank for the black-tie party.

I have more ideas… It can be a vintage hat party there guest should bring vintage party hats. It will be interested for all to explore grandparents’ closets or antique shops. This way, invitations can be made of aged paper or with decoupage technique. If you don’t like hand-crafting you can send a simple photo of a dog or a cat or any other animal wearing a hat and simply write your text on the other side of the photo. This will look funny and cute.


party hat

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There are so many different party hats. It can be a colorful soft material tall cylinder hat like the one Dr. Seuss is wearing. You can clinch

a deal with guests to wear top hats or specific hats like doctors’, officers’ or pilots’ hats. Or you can arrange a Mexican theme party with sombreros. The whole party area can be decorated with cactuses, Mexican rugs and guitar. You can even make your own party hat which would be unique and perfectly fitting.

You can arrange a do-it-yourself hat party, where all the guests would be able to create their own design hats. For this you will need tools such as scissors, a needles and cottons and some basic hat

shapes to work on. You can provide some decoration like feathers, stripes, pins, brooches, pon pons

and many others. The fun continues when guests are walking around with their creations. Every hat becomes a unique party hat. It’s easier to start conversations with strangers, after commenting their party hat. There are so many advantages of having a party hat on your head.