Ma Petite fashion of 2014/2015 winter, or stylish choices in kids fashion. As you may know, all the cutest things comes in tiny packages. Over the last couple of decades kids fashion grew in popularity, especially on social media. Have your ever heard of “posh-tot” phenomenon? Famous fashion designers, like Dolce & Gabbana present trends for toddlers each year. In newest ads and fashion photography  designers wrap their toddler models in fur. So how will your Ma Petite’s will look this winter?

Glammed up kids in trendy winter wear, just like Alonso Mateo, a sensational and tiny fashion blogger,  or Ali Wang ( niece of Alexander Wang) will look even trendier in fur patterns. There are some tiny fashion gods ans goddesses, surely there are. 


Ali Wang

Modern and fashionable parents are obsessed with tiny and stylish clothing. Mothers dress up their tinny copies in the top fashion clothes. It seems that most of us are fallowing celebrity choices, just how they posh up their kids. Toddlers fashion is a big business and deal today and the tinnier its, is the cutter it looks. Beckham kids couldn’t look more fashionable. There is even a global kids fashion week. 

Bekham family bakham kids

There are so many celebrity kids fashion choices to fallow: Suri Cruise, MacConaughey kids, Kaia and Presley Crowfords and etc. But how do we actually choose clothes for our toddlers? Just like we choose clothes for ourselves, we look at the seasonal high fashion trends. Kenzo, Chloe, Burrberry, D&G, Helen Yarmak, Fendi and other big fashion brands offered their winter 2014/2015 trends. How will we create those perfect and tiny “fashionistas” looks? So brace yourself cute kids winter fashion is coming: 

Kenzo chloe burberry Blumarine D2

Create an ultimate wardrobe this winter  for your Ma Petites by fallowing top fashion brands trends.