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On last night’s AHS (American Horror Story) Freak Show, Elsa Mars ( Jessica Lange) covered the infamous Lana del Rey song “Gods and Monster”. This cover provoked another social buzz and inspired some ideas for this article. Therefor, the throwback Thursday issue will be all about the fashion of Lana. How she managed to bring back 60′s on a stage, who inspired her new album Ultraviolance and is she happy about her fashion changes? 

Before heading to the fashion of “Gods and Monsters”, just embraced the amount of social buzz on Twitter and the anticipation before the AHS freak show. It seems that music of Lana proved creators of this show and even in fashion we are all freaks. 

 This September issue of FASHION magazine, embraced the grace of Lana. As a diva of Gods and monsters she was photographed on location at one famous Casa Loma property in Toronto. Her eclectic and eccentric style perfectly fitted the surroundings of this “Gothic Revival” estate. Lana in her interview with the editor of FASHION, Elio Iannacci, talked about the agony and the ecstasy that dominates in her latest Album, Ultraviolance. I guess these themes perfectly fits the gods and monster issue. 

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In her interview for “FASHION” 28 year old singer-songwriter talked about her collaboration with her new producer Dan Auerbach. She believes that this man lead her towards these dramatic changes:

“We had a natural chemistry between us that was kind of palpable and he was spontaneous. We’d go into the studio with the band and do one cut of Ultraviolence—raw and live with all seven players in the same room with an old bedroom microphone—and leave it as it was. It was thrilling.” ( FASHION, September issue)

Lana and fur

Besides her new album, Lana  talked about her Gods and monsters fashion transformation.  True fashionistas really adore her sense of style.  It may seem that Lana is bringing back 60′s fashion on the stage. Her vintage experimentation and narrative music videos inspires individuality, melancholy so as a deeper understanding of your own desires. It’s like the desire of gods and monsters. She definitely lives in the Shade of Cool.

Fashion magazine and Lana Del Rey Lana

We’ve noticed this evolution of her music so as the transformation of her personal style. Lana also believes in these changes:

“It came with the music. I love the idea of being able to get up on stage in my favourite denim shorts and my favourite linen shirt and wear a pair of gold bands and diamonds. It is so freeing. When I first got on stage—four years ago—I felt like what I had to do was put a dress on and be presentable in some way.” ( FASHION, September issue)

Besides Lana’s fashion everyone is interested in her destructive love affairs. She stated that her over-emotional relationship with Barrie-James O’Neill  inspired her new album:

“Trying to get some consistency and some normality within the dynamic of that relationship has been impossible. Songs like “Shades of Cool” came out all that.” (FASHION, September issue)

So her relationship might have been like a freak show. But she just likes being the unusual girl, with no moral compass and no fixed personality… So I guess we just have to ride through life wearing her sense of gods and monsters fashion. 

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