Summer is almost over, but there is still some time for a hike. Just choose the best hiking boots and go out for a walk, where you’ll meet the transitions of seasons. But do you actually know what type of footwear is the best for mountain climbing, walking through the footpaths, dancing in puddles? You think that boots for hiking looks too rough and not stylish enough? Think again. If Duchess of Cambridge can stroll in hiking footwear, so can you. 

kate-middleton-in-sabah-borneo-pic106286 Kate Middleton's on a visit to the Danum Valley rainforest

If you are thinking of buying a pair of hiking boots, remember that they aren’t like any regular boots. They are designed specifically for rugged hiking, where paths aren’t easy enough to walk through.  You have to know a little bit about them before purchasing. I’ll give you a short lesson about hiking footwear and why it’s different nay other tape of shoes.


In the market of footwear there are so many different types and design labels, but why hikers?  If you are getting ready to close the summer season with hiking, you better choose a proper footwear and hiking boots are specially designed. If boots have a sturdy sole, they might be suitable for hiking. You shouldn’t feel rocks and stones underneath your feet. So sturdy and thick sole might help. Hiking footwear should fit your feet perfectly. It’s not just for comfort, but for protection as well. 


Before taking a risk and buying the first pair of hikers you see, measure your feet. The same size boots you’ve always bought shouldn’t be the same for hiking. Our feet size changes not just as we grow, but even during the day it can swollen up, especially if you’re hiking all day. Before buying boots for hiking try them on first and with socks that you wear during hike.  Professionals will know what to offer. 


If you bought the right pair of hiking boots, now is the time to choose the right pair of socks, if you have’t done it already.  Hiking socks may vary according to seasons,however, the best ones should be thick, but shouldn’t be too thick, cause you have to feel comfortable in those boots. 


If you are taking those wet hiking paths through mountain rivers and paddles, better choose waterproof footwear. If you’re not comfortable enough, better put on those waterproof socks. Such socks are designed for hiking and walking through the paddles. 


Nowadays there are so many different hiking boots labels. How to choose the best? There is no such thing as universal hiking brand. Every hiker should choose their footwear wisely. You can visit a  few boots shops before deciding what pair to buy. If this does not help you, ask a specialist. He will point out the benefits of one brand or the other. 

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There are several types of hiking boots.  If weather conditions are dry and on well-established footpath, where are no rocks, you can put on trail shoes. Such footwear is ideal for one day hike or for a short one hour walk with a light backpack.

If you are taking a steeper so as muddier path and your hike will take at least three days up till week, choose waterproof, sturdy boots with higher-cut. It should be a stable footwear so as protected. 

If you climbing mountains, you’ll probably need crampons for griping. Your boots should be thick and strong. You’ll need protection and stiff sole boots to walk through challenging terrains. 


If you bough a new pair of hikers, you’ll need to break them before taking long and difficult hikes. To do so, begin with a short walks. If you bought leather hikers, it will take a lot longer to break them. Before the big hike adventure, take at least 2 or 3 short hikes. Walk around the house or mow the lawn while wearing those boots. Try to soften leather with special conditioner. 


You should waterproof and clean your boots then it’s critical. Leather should be waterproofed. Better not forget to clean seams. If you boots have Gore-Tex lining, silicon-based waterproofing is the best. Never use wax. With wax leather can’t breath.


Hiking boots  inspiration Hiking boots  inspiration ©folkmagazine Hiking boots  inspiration Hiking boots  inspiration Hiking boots  inspiration Hiking boots  inspiration Hiking boots  inspiration Hiking boots  inspiration Hiking boots  inspiration Hiking boots  inspiration Hiking boots inspiration Hiking boots  inspiration Hiking boots  inspiration Hiking boots  inspiration A ROMANTIC ELOPEMENT IN THE WOODS: LAURA + NICK