In winter time you have to cover your head in order not to have some red ears. However some people just hate hats, especially winter hats. I am one of them! They are terrible for your hair and you never know if you will be able to take it off without an unpleasant surprise.

Photo Credit: Melissa Vollans via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Melissa Vollans via Compfight cc

However there is a win-win solution – ear muffs. I’ve got one of these and I can definitely say it looks cute and is a practical thing. With these ear protectors you feel toasty and adorable at the same time. There are different types that you can find from more childish to more conservative ones.

Let’s look together at some different types and maybe you will decide that you need one of them.

ear muffs

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If you like fur hats or fur in general you might prefer ear muffs made of fur. There are plenty of choices, you just need to decide what you what. If you want to look skittish or charming you can choose ear muffs decorated with faux fur. It can be in any color you like or it can match the pattern of animal fur such as leopard, tiger, zebra or even giraffe. Let go out your animal soul!


You also can choose from decorative patterns such as stripes, dots or any other you like. These would definitely make you feel hot as you pair them with your classy school- or office chic apparel.


Knitted patterns are the most popular, I should say. You can find thousands of them. You can match it with a big knitted scarf or sweater.

Photo Credit: :) J via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: :) J via Compfight cc


There are some earmuffs that look like some animal or object. It could be a flower, a heart, a dog, cat, penguin, panda or any other

animal. It may look a bit childish, but it’s also vivacious for sure. At the same time it is a nice feeling to feel a bit childish – you become more playful. Wearing such type of ear muffs is like saying I’m in good mood today. It will catch an eye for everyone.


Don’t get upset if you’re not that type of people who wear such colorful and

childish headwear. I have a solution for you too. There are types of ear muffs which are not so bulging and colorful. If you don’t want to look like a little girl, this is just for you. It looks like a strip which goes along the back of the head and ends just on the top of ears. It usually has some thin wires inside to cling and fit your head perfectly. It covers ears and doesn’t let them chill. This headgear is inconspicuous and a lot more comfortable. This type of ear muffs protectors is usually worn by business people.