If you already prepared your own winter garment, jut think about the mini version’s of you. Mini girls winter coats for this season should be as fashionable as your own choices. Seasonal outwear comes and goes, but the spirit of fuzzy and childish winter stays. Do you still remember your younger self, how you used to play in the snow? Have you ever built a snow man, or even an Iglu fort? We all have childish stories in us, we just need to relive it from time to time.

Building snowman

Dad and daughter in the snow

Do you still remember yourself as a little fashionista. Kids also likes to wear fashionable clothes, especially girls. Thus this season’s girls winter coats market is  as trendy as ever. This is the time to prepare a seasonal wardrobe for your offspring. If few years ago kids fashion wasn’t so much of a fuss, today the best designers takes this matter of kids style and wishes into their account. Today kids should be happy about their clothing statements. Are their really happy? As a parent you should take into the account the latest trends of kids fashion. 

Kids style

What will we find this winter season in children’s clothing stores, but mostly, what is new in the market of girls winter coats? The imitation of adult’s trends is not the only option. Designers chose various colors and materials for the upcoming frosty season.  2014/2015 winter is all about prints, fur and classic design.  As we’ve already seen, Dolce & Gabbana had their own idea of trendy kids fashion. They  brought back “school uniforms” on a fashion runway. Just like in their adults winter couture collection, they fallow the same fairy-tale footpath. So girls will cover up against frost in colorful capes, just like a red-riding-hood. 

D & G coats for girls D & G girls winter coats mini fashion

Maybe your childhood story is all in the past, but you can make your kids life into an extraordinary and fashionable fairy-tale. Give it a try. Besides stylish and comfy jackets, dresses and jeans, children clothing stores will sell those trendy girls winter coats. If D & G suggestion is too fairy for your kid, you may go for a modern, so as classic, simplicity. Seasonal clothing for toddlers comes in a colorful and rich variety. Romantic floral prints and cozy sweaters, embroidered shoes and furry gloves. Your toddlers should be happy with their seasonal outfits, just like they are happy with their toys. The process of trying on various clothes, should be like a game for them.

Girls winter garmentsGirls winter coats

Even if we try to teach our kid about the basic differences between genders, clothing choices can vary. Girls winter coats shouldn’t bee just feminine. This season is all about geometric designs, capes and even oversize clothing models. However, never forget the all time favorites-classically cut coats. Outfit decision for your girl is a very important step, because it might determine her future couture choices and how will she present herself in public.

Girl fashionAs season comes and goes and your kid grows up in an instance,  just find some time to share fashionable advises with your little girls.