Beanie is the most popular hat ever. There are millions of people who protect themselves with beanies. Not only do beanies make our bed head look deliberately tousled, but they’re the perfect casual accessory to mellow out an over-the-top cold-weather outfit. Knit hats are common in cold climates, because these hats are designed to provide warmth during all cold season. There is huge number of different beanies’ styles, so you have a chance to choose what you like the most.

I love these hats because they are very versatile and it’s easy to match them with different clothes.



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Beanies are worn worldwide in various forms. One stereotype is set that knitted hat are usually worn by dockworkers and sailors.

You can notice this in movies such as “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” where Bill Murray wears a close fitted knitted red cap. Famous people have worn this hat during their moves or shows. Beanie is worn by SCTV characters Bob and Doug McKanzie. The same did Robert Clothier’s character Relic in the long-running TV series “The Beachcombers” and Hanna-Barbera’s character Loopy de Loop in old theatrical cartoon.

Talking about popular latter-day animated series I could mention South Park characters Eric Cartman and Stan Marsh. They wear beanies almost in every episode. It is a really diverse hat. Look at all celebrities wearing it. All of them look different and team beanies with various styles.  You can see Ashton Kutcher, Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon, Katy Perry and more celebrities wearing a beanie. It is a fashion that never dies.



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If you know how to knit you can knit your own beanie. This way your hat will be unique and the perfect size. You can knit an extra size hat, which is very trendy now or you can knit a stretchy hat that will cover your head closely. Knitting your own beanie will let you to create the most beautiful hat you ever wanted. You can use different stitch ornaments to create unique design.

The most popular patterns are vertical or circular stripes, snowflakes or Scandinavian ornament, plaits and a lot more. You can upgrade your knitted hat by adding some bright color strings or knitted flower on one side of the hat. Knitting beanie yourself will make it really special.


1. Consider natural color beanie

Bright colors and prints tend to look a little juvenile and will make your style significantly less chic. Black, white, gray, brown, or tan works best, and neutral colors are more versatile overall. If you do want a color, opt for a classic color, like red or blue, and choose a gem tone or a bold color without gravitating toward neon shades.


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2. Keep it simple

Avoid styles with pompoms, bead work, or zippers. A simple knit beanie looks classic and stylish, but styles with decorations or embellishments tend to look a little less sophisticated. If you do opt for embellishments, look for a subtle embellishment like decorative brown buttons.

3. Choose loose-fit styles

Beanies with elastic in them tend to tighten around your forehead. Aside from being uncomfortable and leaving a red line across your skin, a tight-fitting beanie tends to look a little less fashionable.


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