Even if Hollywood celebrities looks fabulous with those furry and fluffy animal hats, this trend is actually outdated, because it’s too childish and outrageous. Rabbity, as a fashion police, investigates this head-wear crime. I guess it’s about time to grow up and a time to change an animal hat into a genuine fur hat.

Fashion police

Have you ever seen women, who wear animal hats, but looks like little girls. Knitted head-wear with those imitations of animal ears and some dangling mittens only looks good on your child’s head. It’s not appropriate for an adult woman to wear those paws ans ears. Instead of looking extravagant and outrageous, why not try a genuine furry hat? Childish winter head-gear choice was appropriate when you were a little girl, or when such hats were trendy. When was it? I guess few years ago. So I urge you to look for new head-wear possibilities, embrace proper hats fashion, not this outdated and childish crime. 

Celebrities with animal hats

As a fashion police, we take these crimes seriously. Thus, it looks like an assault to us. Fashion gurus charge those women with murder. If you were born before 2003 and still think that animal hats looks trendy, you deserve a fashionable punishment.  It’s not a British Royal Ascot, thus choose a hat that stays. Fur fashion is an all time classic, so if you want to avoid fashion crimes or fashion illiteracy, go for something Rabbity. You might ask, what’s the difference between genuine fur hat and a childish faux animal hat. Everything is different. The way it feels, looks and how it goes with your winter outfit. This time the rule “anything goes” cannot be applied. 


If you think that I’m a fashion snob and buzz kill, or  you tend not to fallow those fashion laws, may I remind you that fashion has to be fun, but it comes with great responsibility. If you know just a few simple rules of  joyful fashion, choosing a winter hat will be easy enough. Of course you can experiment with different looks and be creative, but there are certain rules that applies just for the certain age. It’s possible to look sexy, pretty, crazy and feminine with a proper fur hat, not with a childish fake. 

Crime scene

I know that high fashion looks extravagant and crazy from time to time, but real designers tend to use genuine fabrics, real fur, instead of faux. I know that real fur takes the joy out of fashion with those animal rights controversies. Besides controversies, childish fashion choices are considered as a crime in the eyes of a fashion police. If animal hats looks cute and adorable on your child’s head, it look silly on you. As I wrote before, in one of the articles, fashion has to be divided by age. Even if an older woman wants to look as she feels, it might not look presentable in the eyes of fashion.  The days of innocence and childish giggles have long gone, so why not grow out of those childish clothes. 


If you don’t want to be charged with bad head-wear choices, go for rabbity this winter. Buy a genuine fur hat instead of those childish mistakes, leave them for the kids. As a grownup you should be responsible. Thus mittens, animal hats and girly colors are not the best winter wardrobe decision.  The day you past 25, is the day you leave those childish hats for your own children and grandchildren. I know that high fashion, or any level of fashion for that matter, puts a pressure on you. However, the basic rule is that if you are 32, looking like a 12 year old is considerate a fashion crime.  The only exception for hats with animal ears is a minimalist street fashion. 

It’s about time to grow up and get rid of that childish attitude. It’s about time to prepare for fashionable winter with Rabbity.