I’m always looking for that unique one of kind item, but there’s one thing I can’t go by: it is vintage hats. However, most vintage hats need a revival, so that it could be used as a nice accessory. I’m giving you some tips how to care for and renew your vintage hat. This tutorial will help you to re-shape and generally refresh your hat.

I have always loved antiques and unique vintage finds. Ever since I was little I enjoyed going to flea markets just to look at those fascinating items. Later, about last year of school the most interested field for me was vintage clothing. It was a remarkable feeling to find some

unique vintage clothes or accessories. Vintage lovers surely know what I’m talking about. It’s hard to explain how wonderful you feel when you find some vintage dress or jacket or a chic vintage hat so I had to learn some tricks how to make such hat come to life for the second time.


Renewing vintage hats is really quick and easy process. You won’t need any specific tools or experience. Everyone can easily do it at home. All you need is a kettle that does not turn itself off. Boil it until you have a good amount of steam.

Now hold a hat above the kettle so that the steam could reach a hat easily and slowly move a hat around, this way steam will affect the hat evenly. Watch out, don’t get too close to steam, it may burn your hands. It is best not to open the window, as you need to have lots of steam. You’ll soon notice that the hat is reshaping itself. You need to steam your hat for about 90 minutes. The hat now should be a bit moist and very soft.

 It’s time to reshape it. You will need any kind of object with rounded top. Put a hat on it and carefully press the lumps out where necessary to get back in the shape. All this you can do with your hands.

After that you need to leave it for about 2-3 hours to dry.

vitage hat

Photo Credit: claudia.susana via Compfight cc


You can do some trimming if it’s necessary. Ribbons and flowers of vintage hats are often fraying and shabby so you need to fix it. Just take a sharp scissors and cut off the ends of it. Try to cut as minimum as possible. If you are restoring a straw hat, you can trim some longs bits of straw from underneath the brim. Now it’s all tidy and neat.

You can also add some decorative details to your hat if you desire. It can be a false flower or a silky ribbon. Or you can put some peacock feathers to make a chic and smart looking hat. You can even attach a veil to create even more dramatic and alluring look. Renewing vintage hats is a perfect way to raise a hat from death.