Royal Ascot is a unique occasion, which has a long, almost three century’s, history. But we already told you a breath history of this phenomenon. This time let’s not talk historically about royal fashion, but have a closer look at this year’s (2013) ladies event. Who chose wisely and who made a big mistake at the royal runway?

Queen Elizabeth in lilac, dictating royal fashion trends



As usual her Royal Highness leads Ascots event elegantly. At this years’ Royal Ascot, she chose smart, but classy spring dress coat in lilac. That’s where she really shines, as an Ascot professional. Because minimalistic, but fashionable choices are always a win. And because Mies van der Rohe architecture rule: less is more, is also applicable for fashion, especially royal.

Between long years’ fashion experience and youthful luck

In royal fashion there is always a competition between youth and experience. What it has to do with this years’ Royal ascot? But this year both senior and young age ladies tried to stand out as a good example of royal fashion. Of course as usual there were some ridiculous exceptions, maybe more than one, but about that later. The whole royal family always shows a perfect sense of style. This year Princess Anne chose a muted colour palette outfit, and it just proves that less is more is the safest decision in this understated Ascot elegance. Princess Anne represents the older generation, while Princess Beatrice, who wore simple, but elegant black dress with bejewelled neckline and bell skirt, showed a good example of youth choices.  It’s not just royal family that led fashion at this year’s ascot event. The Great British Bake Off’s Mary Berry and singer Pixie Lott both shown how to work age-appropriate, but fashionably elegant Ascot glamour. Marry Berry chose simple powder blue dress and fascinator, while Pixie suited up with English garden colour scheme.

Standing outside the race

Royal ascot this year had some really bad even ridiculous fashion choices. For example Larisa Katz from the Netherlands and her Ferrero Rocher colour scheme, was far too big. Because of her wide hat, she had to stand outside the race. Theres Ropposch-Greimel is also the example of inappropriate fashion decisions. Her weirdly shaped dress and a hat that looks like a shapeless sea creature defiantly stands outside this fashion race, so as her green goblin companions.  That’s why making horribly wide, or shapeless fashion choices kicks you out, or knocks you down from the runway.

Leaving musical costumes behind and choosing monochromic retro

Ladies, who brought sound of music to this year’s Royal ascot fashion, showed to ways of playing with their outfit. Mimi Theobald and her  ‘My Fair Lady’ outfit wasn’t the best choice. Amateur and overdramatic, this should be strictly avoided. But retro musicians The Tootsie Rollers, choose wisely and stylishly. That’s why their fashion ensemble attracted photographers.

Britain’s social elite walking the royal ascots runway with smart and stylish, and sometimes with overdramatic and tacky outfit always catches our attention. Maybe next year some ladies will learn from their fashion mistakes, and they won’t stand outside the race.