Royal Ascot is the festival of the British flat racing. Five spectacular days in June that should be highlight in all fashion, style and sport lovers’ calendar. The crowds of people come to see the prestigious horse racing and to see the Queen and other members of the royal family. But the most spectacular event for women and men and all hat lovers is a Ladies’ Day.

It’s a fashion parade where everyone has to wear a hat. There’s a strict dress code and you have to dress accordingly if you want to enter the Royal Ascot. It’s a pleasure for my eyes to watch all dressed so fancy and outstanding, because I’m a really big hat lover. You can meet a huge range of different head wear from bizarre to most gorgeous hat ever and maybe even get some inspiration.

Usually, the more flamboyant and outstanding hat is the better. There’re so many people and even more different hats, that you have to wear something eccentric to stand out in Royal Ascot. If you’re lucky enough to be attending the Royal Enclosure you have to accord even more restricted style guide. From this year fascinators are no longer permitted and headpieces should also have base covering the sufficient area of the head which is at least 4 inches (10 cm).

Photo Credit: gullpress via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: gullpress via Compfight cc

There’re more rules for style. Ladies are preferred to wear a formal day dress, or a skirt and top. The length of the skirt or dress should be modest: falling just above the knee or longer.  Dresses must have two straps, each at least one inch thick (2.5 cm). Good news for trouser lovers: trouser suits are welcome, just be sure that it’s full length and matches the colour and material of the top.

The style rules for people entering the silver ring are not so restricted. Although no formal dress code is requested, guests are encouraged to wear smart clothes. No matter which enclosure you are entering the main accessory should be a hat.

The best thing is that there are no restraints for the hats. You can let your fantasy grow when choosing a hat for the Royal Ascot festival.

You can see many various shapes, colours and sizes of hats. It can be decorated with feathers, flowers, glitters, net, lace or veil. It can be made as some objects like a hat with piano, bird or even a plate of food. Cherry and ribbons are also welcome. There’re no limits! You can wear a bright and exclusive hat just match it with your outfit. In conclusion, everyone will agree that Royal Ascot is a truly unique event bringing the very best of fashion, style, sport and entertainment.