“Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween”

Before Christmas we’ll be trick or treating, eating Thanksgiving dinner and getting silly during Black Friday. But before one silly season comes, make sure to visit The Town of Halloween IDEAS. One of the trickiest part of this scary celebration is finding a proper Halloween costume. So if you are planning to be Elsa, just like thousands of others, maybe be you should try out something different and original. Of course it’s quite difficult looking unique during this night of horrors, but you may try. Even fur fabrics can help you create an outstanding outfit or Halloween party decorations. 

From costumes to house decorations, scary Halloween ideas come in various shapes and shades. Just like this furry pumpkin, or that frightening Pine Apple. If you like to create decorations for yourself, improvise as you like. Change that old pumpkin into a Pine Apple. Just think out of the box. Even pop culture heroes aren’t the only inspiration for the upcoming Halloween party. I know that on this night you should look scary, but no one tells you not to be historical/hysterical and furry/funny. If Frozen, Guardians of the Galaxy and Maleficent is too childish for you,  and you are considering to wear an outrageous and unethical costume, I advise you to think again. 

Breaking Bad costume

If we are talking about unethical Halloween ideas, Ebola themed outfit might be viral this season. However, this cultural appropriation of global heath crisis, shouldn’t be an option. If last year you wore similar costume with a mask, it was all because of Breaking Bad popularity and Walter White. It seems that this year some trick or treaters might go for something distasteful. This fake protecting gear might cause chaos in public. Hazmat suits, respirators and etc. might look bad in the eyes of media as well. Even if zombie apocalypse is an all time classic,, instead of Ebola Apocalypse, choose something safe. 

Even if you are trying to be humorous and ironic, it might not end well. Even if this idea is considerate to get viral, it is actually a wrong choice for 2014 Halloween. Instead of imitating global problems, exchange them into TV costumes. These “Emmy” nominated Halloween ideas might look boring and overused, but it’s better to act safe, rather when get caught in the political and ethical crossfire. I mentioned that fur could be a possible Halloween fabric. Where and how can we use it? Does fur look scary at all? It’s more of a cozy material, rather than frightening. If you want to look stylish this scary season, you may as well choose a primal hunter’s or witch’s image.


Just remember on Halloween you can either wear #AHS BLACK or FREAKISH. Scary make-up might help.