Introduced in early 1800 top hat became popular among 19th century men. The very first appearance on haberdasher‘s John Hetherington head caused a local panic.  According to these days newspapers “passerby panicked, several women fainted, children screamed, dogs barked and a boy’s arm was broken when he was smashed by the crowd of running people.” Although wearing a top hat won’t make such astonishment nowadays it still will catch a lot of attention. What used to represent class now represents rock and roll!


Though ladies don’t usually wear this kind of hats nowadays, they were once a popular detail of women’s ultra slim tailored black suit in 19th century. In my opinion, women shouldn’t be afraid of wearing a top hat. It may come as a surprise to you, but top hats are making a comeback! Maybe because it is not a usual accessory it can help create rebellious, extravagant look for both man and women.


It can be used not only for drama costume, but top hat also can be worn by modern fashion lovers. In fact, it is the latest fashion for both men and women outfit. In a lot of run shows high fashion designers choose this access to create a unique style.


If you have a good taste of style, you can use is with casual clothes just pick the right ones so that your hat could shine with its full beauty. Make sure that a hat is the main and most attractive detail of your outfit. You can wear it with a bit extra sized, masculine looking jacket and straight, loose trousers.

Otherwise if you don’t go in for masculine style you can wear a top hat even with little black dress. It looks so stylish with strapless dress. However, girly, shiny stiletto heels won’t go with this look. You better hide your feet in middle length boots or simple looking black shoes.

Top hat also can be a great accessory for the thematic party. You can create a wizard or retro style costume, which will look very refined and sophisticated. You’ll be a star of a party, I can guarantee.

The most exciting thing about this hat is that it can be worn by men as well as women. It’s unisex and you can choose from different cylinder high. Choose the one that feels right for you. Don’t be afraid to try new outfits. A top hat will help you to look great!