How about a trapper hat instead? If I could offer you one tip for the future outfit and headgear, trapper hats would be it. If today such hat is some sort of fashion statement, long time ago it was a functional necessity. No wonder how this trapper hat transformed through the years. Beside traditional fur pelts, the hat embraced newer and trendier fabrics so as different types of fur. 

How trapper hats “were” made?


Trapper hats sits quite low on the forehead. Ear flaps protects our skins, cheeks ans neck even from the deepest frost. In the beginning such hats were made almost entirely from leather with lines of rabbit or fox fur. In the beginning no-one thought of fashion. This hat was just a piece of clothing, which kept people warm. Today’s high tech fabrics imitates natural leather and fur, however some hat makers- milliners still use 100 % genuine  and natural fabric. Natural fur is more effective than so-called imitations.  Fur is naturally warm, it is what kept  animals ( and letter us, human beings)  alive in the coldest conditions.

Photo Credit: mpkclick via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: mpkclick via Compfight cc

The basic style or a model of a trapper hat haven’t changed drastically, however, the materials, colors and designs might have changed. When people wants to be more animal-friendly, they choose polyester, nylon and fox fur.  How authentic trapper hats varies from the cheaper replicas? The original is made entirely from fur and real leather. Today such headgear is thought to be a practical fashion trend. Most of skiers and snowboarder, as well as the arctic hunters, choose such hat for various reasons, but mostly because of the warmth.

In the coldest Alaska local people wear trapper hats for practical reasons.  If they choose to run trap lines for days and regularly check them, such hat is a bless, because the temperature can drop to – 60 degrees.  Knitted hat won’t help. Trapper hat term actually came from the trapping tradition. Men who put traps for animals are called trappers. Because the real hunt with a rifle  in a coldest climate is not very pleasant, they use traps. In today’s sport it is common to wear such hat. If the temperature drops to the freezing cold, trapper hat is the winter equipment “must”.

There is a hunter spirit in each of us.  Prehistoric man wouldn’t have survived the ice age if it weren’t for fur and hunting. Times have changed. When the ice age was over, thus began the days of war and military. Besides hunters, soldiers wore trapper hats.  It was vital for them to stay warm. Today we wear them as a part of our winter clothing. This type of hat is thought to be the warmest and the most functional.  There was a time, when Italian women called this hat unfashionable, but look at the fashion runway today, the best designers choose fur and trapper hats as the main head wear for their autumn-winter collections.  It still is the ” must have” accessory for the coldest season.

Why trapper hats are at the top of fashion?

Celebrities are responsible for the growing popularity of a trapper hat. However the climate change has to do something for the popularity and necessity of such hat. Even in the UK people started wearing trappers and other model fur hats. Why do we choose the trapper title, when such hats have various names: Russian Hat, Shapka, Boris Hat, Cossack Flaps, Ushanka, Hunter Hat and a Deer Stalker. Even if such hats are made for the male hunters to wear, ladies prefer fur hats as well.

Instagram user @jaredleto

Instagram user @jaredleto

Trapper hats or Ushankas, comes from Russia with love.  During the coldest winters celebrities prefer fur headgear. Today fur hats are more of a statement and luxury. However, as I mentioned earlier, there are some cheaper versions. Animal fur and skin can be changed into wool, cotton and acrylic. It still is and will be the winter season’s must. Such head accessory will protect you from the frost.  Fur and leather have always been a fashion classic. However, there are some controversy about the cruelty against animals, but it’s unavoidable.  So instead of genuine and 100 % natural fur some designers use imitations, but only the real fabric will protect you 100 %.

The best fashion designers quickly noticed the growing necessity and popularity of trapper hats.  That is why the fur material is regularly used for the autumn-winter collections. Even if real fur is   a luxury, some versions of it are quite affordable. If you want to stay warm, but look fashionable, put the trapper hat on and re-live the days of hunting and trapping.

Trapper hat is both luxurious and casual, it depends what outfit you choose with it. Fur hats hats are among the list of the warmest headgear. Once again it’s functional and at the same time fashionable. This is and old legacy of the hunting spirit. It’s an absolute classic not just for male warriors, but also for the lady goddesses and fashion divas.

It doesn’t matter how will you name this fur hat, its functionality would be the same. So cover up your heads  in a wild style this winter, or any other winter for that matter. 

In the end we are all hunting for fashion trends, functionality and…