Silver fox man, like George Clooney, buys you a silver fox fur coat, what a dream come true it would be. But do you know why this type of fur, not just silver, is adored by the highest fashion designers? This type of fur comes in various colours and shades. It is another lesson for @Rabbity_fashion readers, just observe the beauty and warmth of foxy fur. 

Fox Fur In US it’s popularity depends on fox long hair and highly distinctive colouring. American fox  farming was popular long time ago, but now most of US fur farmers turned to mink industry. That is why most of fox fur comes from Scandinavia (Norway) or Russia. Foxy winter outfit was always popular with easterners. During the years ranching of foxes have evolved and farmers developed several mutations of this type of fur ( silver, platina). May I remind you that silver and platina shades are considerate to be natural, not dyed?

If you want to have a fur coat that wears well, go for foxy look. However, you might need to clean and care it regularly. The fur has to be fluffy and the skin supple and soft. The least expensive colour of fox hair is red,while platina and white shades have a higher value.  In fox coats industry- colour is everything. Fullness and density of underfur and softness of guard hair can determine coats value. In high fashion, designers likes to dye such fur in various colours and shades, sometimes even in shouting blue and neon colours. There are 8 types of fox hair that varies in colours and sometimes in quality, here they are:

Blue fox

This type of fox can be found in Scandinavia.  Their colours may vary from blue brown to true blue or even white highlighted blue. 

Cross Fox

Such fox fur have cruciform marking on the head or neck. The rest of hair is red with yellow highlights. Cruciform is usually mixed with red and black colours.  There is also silver cross fox breed.

Gray Fox

Gray foxes comes from America. If your looking for the best pelts, you might find them ranched and farmed in northern states.  It’s not entirely grey, because it has some tinge red shades. 

Kitt/ corsac fox

Kitt foxes are ranched in North America and their fur is usually gray.  While corsac comes from Siberia or other places of Eastern regions. These types of fur has little guard hair. You might notice that those foxes have yellow guard hair with a tips of white. Their fur feels soft even it’s short. Coats from this type of fox fur are less durable. 


Platina Fox breed comes from Norway. This breed has a lighter colour fur than silver foxes. The lightness of platina can be enhanced by bleaching.  


Every colder region and continent  have native/wild Red foxes, except for South America. The norther climate the better quality of fur. Such foxes have furry, silky and strong texture. 


There might not be a native silver fox breed, because most of them are ranched. Their fur has a blueish black colour with a tip of white. However, the best silver fox fur should be entirely silver with a black stripe.


Last but not least, a white fox. Such breed has thick underfur. Some of them might have a blueish shade hair and a black pelt. Before making a coat out of white fox fur, you might need bleaching so that it never turns yellow. However, these white coats are less wearable. If you have a white fox coat you’ll definitely feel glamorous and posh.