Canis aureus in Latin or The Golden Jackal, it is a wide population of canini aka dog family species. They breed in many central, eastern and southern Europe areas. Jackals also live in some parts of North Africa and Asia. They extended from the Arabian Peninsula through western Europe, to the east of Turkey and when to the Middle East, Central Asia and Indian subcontinents. They spread even further to the other parts of Indochina. There was the dramatic decline of Jackal’s population during 60′s and 70′s and the expansion in the 80′s, especially in eastern and central Europe. Because Golden Jackal fur is not rare, it doesn’t have a high value in  the market of fur.

Jackal fur

Population and variation 

Golden Jackal lives and breeds from the Sahel in Africa to Burma and Thailand evergreen forests. In Africa they find shelter in semi-deserts and medium grasslands, even in Savannah. In Indian regions they live in forested, agricultural, rural or semi-rural habitats.  The biggest population of this nocturnal species is in India. They are thought to be omnivorous foragers who come at night to forage for garbage in human habitats. Jackals breeds in pairs and live with their litter pups and offspring. 

Geographical and ecological variations of Golden Jackal’s puts them in range of wolfs, that is why they are called Red Wolves. The Egyptian Jackal is closely related with Grey Wolfs. They are also African Wolves, the solitary and shy species, not like Golden Jackals who live in the family packs. Jackals usually prey on lambs, while African wolf can hunt even larger livestock. Actually Jackals and African Wolves are rivals. Recent research shows that African Wolves and African Golden Jackals might have hybridized or this may be just an eco-morphological variation. 

Golden Jackal fur 

For a long time in Russia so as other countries that belonged to the former Soviet Union, thought of Golden Jackal as a perfect fur-bearer. However their fur quality is a bit low due to monotonous colour, sparse and coarse.  Golden Jackal from Asia and Near East produce coarsest pelts. Why this type is not common in modern fur market? It’s mainly because of their little fur fiber and flat appearance skins.  However, there are some breeds with soft fur, especially those who come from Norther Iran.  In 19th century it was common to hunt Jackals for their fur. The highest tanning and hunting of Jackals where in 1930′s. 20-25 thousands of Jackals were captured and skinned in Russia during that time. During the Cold War era such amount of Golden Jackal fur was exported to USA.  Because this type of fur is not that rare and its population is widely spread, Jackal’s pelts are used for cheap collars and cheaper women’s fur coats.  If you are looking  for cheaper way to sport that furry look, go for Golden Jackal coats. Just like in the picture above you may find your inner wild spirit. Everyone has wild nature in them, the primal desire to run with the wolves and predators.