Muskrat fur comes from up North or North America. The fascination with this type of fur is mainly because of its natural colour and jewel shades. Muskrat or Musquash names vary, but not the quality of fur. Muskrat is more of a British name, while Canadians likes the name of Musquash. This versatile fur has a dark brown colour with golden brown and sliver shades. Such fur coats usually have a waterproof underfur and a longer hair overlayer. Some even likes to dye this fur, so that it would imitate mink or even shear it to make it look like beaver hair. 

Musquash  fur

Muskrat fur that comes from east of Jersey is a bit darker, even black. The darker it is, the higher its price. If you wear eastern muskrat coat with care it will be long lasting.  The northern muskrats has longer and heavier guard hair so as a thick underfur. Southern fur has a little flatter underfur and it is paler in shades. These semi-aquatic mammals are very prolific, their reproduce quickly and  can be found in most of continents,  therefore muskrat fur is quite easy cheaper to make. 

North American, Asian, European and Chinese muskrats and fur coats made out of them looks like mink or sometimes even like Alaskan seal fur. In 1920′s and 1930′s it was popular to pluck, shear and dye muskrats. It was the time when musk fur looked like seal ( Hudson seal).  The muskrat name actually comes from the gland near these semi-aquatic mammals tail. Their tail gives off an odor musk.  Today musk is also used in cosmetic industry for perfumes. If there is any area unsuitable for agriculture you may find a population of muskrats.  They are hardy, prolific and even pest. 

Difference between muskrat fur and mink fur: 

How about diamonds and  fur coats? It is definitely a statement of luxury. Fur is the material of wealth and warmth, but not all furs are equal. It is very important to find a genuine one.  Even if mink and musk fur looks alike, they have some characteristics that helps to distinguish them. In the fur market it is excepted to sell mink coats for a higher value, but their might be some lower quality fake furs. While the muskrat coats are manufactured by cutting them in multiple strips. There are five stages to decide whether mink or muskrat coat is genuine and right for you. 

I. Colour

Muskrat coats are usually dyed in black or brown colours and they have a short underfur, while mink can vary from brown to reddish or even snow white hues. And if you look closer, high quality mink coat  has a homogeneous tones. 

II. Feeling

Mink fur is softer, lighter and thicker than muskrat. Mink also feels smother without any rough spots. 

III. Price Tag 

It is easier to make a muskrat coat and these animals are quite common in mostly every part of the world,  so it’s price value drops drastically. While mink coasts are rare, just like Russian sable fur, so they have a higher value. 

IV. Durability

Mink fur is quite durable, however if a coat is made out of animal’s back parts, rather than the flanks, they tend to be even more durable. In order to know what coat are you wearing, sellers have to provide you with the information about the type and the part of animal used in your coat.  Because mink and muskrat fur are quite similar, buyers has to know the specifics, or so as the law says. 

V. Type

How to decide which type of fur is the best? If you have an option to choose either mink or muskrat fur coat, which one would you choose? Before deciding better make sure you know the purpose for your new coat.  Muskrat hair are perfect for sporty type garments, while mink is more of a luxury. No matter which type of fur you’ll choose always wear it with pride.